Feeling stripped of privacy

I have started having a new voice, guy richue the movie writer. Apparently he gives tours of my head, he shiwed them all my memories, i feel like i have been stripped of all my privacy. Just felt like sharing it will help me feel better

When I was really paranoid, I thought that people were reading my emails, reading my mind, and watching and recording me and my family through my dad’s computer camera, and putting it up on Youtube. So I’ve also had a sense of a total loss of privacy.

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I use to think a tv show host was talking to me. I thought he was telling everybody bad things about me. I heard him in the hallway talking to my doctor when I needed surgery. But it wasn’t real. I really dislike I mean I really hate schizophrenia.

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Ugh mine do that too! I hate it, they’re getting revenge on me by saying sexual things about people I see and I’m paranoid that people can read my thoughts. They learn voices of people around me and they are negative to me all day.

I think people are reading my thoughts. But you know knowledge has really developed. People study responses to certain verbal communication and they can pin point what a person is going to say and when. They can create conversations to put your mind where they want it to be. Its an overthrow in the thought world. What ever you do when you feel like somebody is reading your mind keep a poker face.

This has become a major problem with me. I have lost all privacy. There must be cameras and voice recorders everywhere because everything I thought I was doing in private is somehow known to everyone.

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In your real life, or in your mind?

I don’t have proof, but I fear it’s real. I’m talking about things I do in real life, not that I’m doing anything bad, but privacy is important, and I act a lot crazier when I think nobody is around.

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When noones around I talk to my selves sometimes we have a lot of fun. Sometimes we fight. OK read my mind what letter am I thinking of?

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Sorry, my telepathy isn’t that good…lol. When I’m alone I pace the floor and talk to myself too. That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

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H. Lol, jk. but still, today they (voices)were training some new, that I used to know, how to torment me all day. And right now, an see them using my face to look at what I’m typing. Any explanations. To say the obvious, the geodon isn’t working. I have an appointment the 17th, any meds working for anyone that I should try? Besides invega stastena, I hate that.

my voices learn from those around me too. neighbours, girls at the local shop, friends old and new. they can mimic them all effortlessly and especially famous people both living and dead. just aswell i don’t believe i’m telepathic or my life wouldn’t b worth living. maybe that’s y i’ve never been shy about hearing them comment on my behaviour. private stuff like when i’m showering or pooping. maybe it’s bcoz somewhere inside my addled mind i know they’re just splintered parts of my own mind. even at my worst when i did believe i was telepathic, it never interfered with showering or toilet habits. the delusions did but not the voices.

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I just view everybody who has a hand in my business as part of my extended, way extended circle of family and friends.
One big stinking happy club.


From my mid to late 20s up until this point, I’ve believed that I was being watched and recorded. At work, it used to seem like people were reading my mind all the time. How can somebody be like 90 percent accurate almost all the time? Nowadays, I could pretty much care less about being watched or recorded.

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I also feel like I have no privacy because i have people inside my body. And there are secrets that i have to keep. I hate giving away personal info. But what can i do my life feels like an open book. I feel like they can see through my eyes.

I always feel as if something about me is about to be said in random videos and such. They won’t have anything to do with me but I always fear it.

I get this with my voices hunni. they claim to be telepathic and can see through my eyes, hear my thoughts, hear through my ears, feel my emotions, feel physical feelings. the list goes on and on. just aswell I don’t believe they’re real huh. you shouldn’t do either. it’s just splinters of your own personality hunni, that’s all it is. that’s all mine are too so I tend not to worry about voices, difficult though they can be to deal with if you converse with them in your head. but they are just you under a different guise is all. hope this helps xxxx

My privacy has been totally massacred in real life. It makes me mad. There are worse transgressions against me, too.

Same thing happened to me. The feeling.

Before I would do something and in my environment would be fitting reactions that suggested I was being watched. Like I would just be thinking of taking my meds off while watching basketball and the commentator would somehow sneak in “trust your doctor” in his comments. That sort of stuff.

Then I learned about Synchronicity, a fact of life. It lessend the burden in my head. I said, If I were being watched, so were others, by something beyond us.

And In time I was able to learn to distinguish what were just coincidences and real synchronicities. Before, it was very hard when you know you are being humiliated in public.

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There is so much that I have experienced that I could share about this, but I won’t because I know it won’t help any of us to get better if I went over the specifics. Please know that my heart goes out to all of you, and that as you already know, you are not suffering through this alone. I am thankful that there is a place where we can all come to where others truly understand the mental torture that we battle.