No one wants to hire me

Because I’m physically disabled.

Also, because of my negative symptoms, my parents and brother think I’m not trying hard enough, although my parents understand my illness and wish the best of me.

Been searching for a freelance job since like 3 months ago, feels like I’m nothing.

The voices are telling me what a failure I am.

I’m tired of everything.


Job searching can take up to 6 months if not longer

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May I know which field of freelance ?

What type of physical disability, if you don’t mind telling?

The negative symptoms and voices add to more fuel to fire. I have been in this situation where nothing worked for me. But after trying and trying I was able to get something.

Hope you are able to get some job you are looking for.

Good morning (evening?) @whirling-leaves. I have moved this thread to the School and Work category since it deals with employment issues. Hopefully, you get some helpful feedback.


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