I can't find a job that match my abilities

If i don’t have the foot pain, i can be a messenger. So far I’m not doing good enough at work. I’m afraid I’ll become jobless when my current contract expired.

I haven’t seen you post in a while. Welcome back!

As far as work goes, keep your head up. Sometimes symptoms come back around again. Exercise helps me with negative symptoms somewhat. Maybe try walking. Also, you can ask your boss how you can improve. They will see you as a self starter and they might be impressed.


You have been trying so hard to find a job recently. I’m sure something will come along that will be perfect for you, don’t give up!

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Thanks @metime !

I have a lot of free time at work and can’t help fall asleep!

Thanks @anon84763962 for your kind words.

I have applied for some easier jobs and wish i can manage that.

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