No nicotine today

I’m going to give this my best shot to quit. It has been relatively easy today. I hope by cutting down on alcohol I will be successful this time in quitting.


I relapsed back onto cigs, but here are some steps to help you quit permanently:

best of luck!

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Good luck! I hope ditching the alcohol helps.

Good luck Man U can do this

Since i know you IRL, this is the kind of irish music I listen to today… it’s not quite the same you see.

And for anyone else that’s my stalker— I don’t listen to rap music really, I don’t listen to eminem, I don’t listen to disturbed… this is what’s happening in my car.

I would never date any of my ex-girlfriends ever again though. No, nay, never.

I’ve been off cigs for at least 6 months and using ecigs. But not beginner ecigs, a slightly more advanced setup.

Yesterday I bought the latest most advanced ecig which involves ‘sub ohm’ vaping: mvp 3 pro and the isub tank.

Without my ecig I certainly would be back on cigarettes by now.

I need to quit nicotine completely. It is the nicotine that causes sexual dysfunction, and I am committed to get my dick back.



A number of other sources say nicotine causes ED, not just this link.