No motivation to read anything

Sometimes I have a desire to read a book, but when I get a book, my motivation stops there. Basically I have no motivation to read long texts, the same applies to long posts here on the forum. When somebody writes a long post, I often do not read it, I just do not have enough concentration.


I think there’s a difference between motivation and concentration. I probably have the motivation to read (I was a bookworm before my diagnosis) , but now I don’t have the concentration (ability) to read long texts.

I use this app to read long texts aloud to me.

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Very same here, there is a couple of books I would like to read, but no point buying them will never complete them. Same with long posts, have to just skip by them

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I have trouble with concentration. One thing that helps me is blue light therapy. Exposure to blue light makes the brain concentrate for longer periods of time. I wear blue sunglasses, and it works!

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