I can't read. Can you?

I can’t read. Can you?

I know English, I can read English.

I just can’t read English. What? What what? What what what?

My Brain can’t continue to read. It’s like my Brain can’t do the heavy lifting.

What is heavy lifting?

When I was very very young I used to read entire story or stories book in a single sitting.

For several years and now my brain can’t continue to read more than a line or two.

I’m getting worse at it after getting bettter. My ability it comes, it goes.

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We are on the same boat I guess.

Thats a funny question to ask someone if you are writing it.

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I have a hard time to read long posts aswell.

I often ask people to make spaces in their posts.

After my concussion, I couldn’t read more than a couple lines either. I went to a speech therapist who helped my memory and concentration through a series of coordination games. You can find similar ones on

I also did blue light therapy. Basically, exposure to blue light improves concentration. That’s why most social media sites are blue. So people will use them for longer.

Buy blue sunglasses or change your computer screen to a blue tint. That should help you read for longer at a time.

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I’ve been through the Bible about four times. I also started to read books on Quantum mechanics & consciouness prior to becoming SZ, even studied Hebrew. Now I can’t read anything at all besides e-conversations. My brain flatly refuses to sit patiently through book reading, despite the fact that it is a good outlet.

I’d much rather just sit & meditate to music all day instead of reading things, though.

When I write a lengthy post I always put spaces because I’m the same way. If someone writes a long post without spaces and punctuation I don’t bother to read it because my brain just can’t focus and put it together.

I can’t read anything “scholarly.” My reading ability has declined. Anything too wordy it’s like trying to read another language. Like all my philosophy articles I can barely understand, but thank google for summaries. I’m good at reading comics though.

I have the ability to read but I feel overwhelmed and don’t have the motivation to read books.

I used to read a lot, but for some reason Haldol keeps me from a long concentrated reading session. Sometimes I cannot comprehend what I am reading.

The combination of reading Thich Nhat Hanh and taking ProFrontal has helped me with this tremendously. I’m up from a few sentences at a time to about 10 pages.

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I was having trouble reading several months ago. I blamed it on too much meaning in a simple sentence or in a paragraph, which were all I cared to read. Recently, through one of the members of this forum, I got interested in neuroscience and SZ. I now find I can read technical papers on all aspects of SZ-the most boring stuff imaginable. I’ve read a number of books on this subject. This is beginning to take off. I’ve taken to advocating for people with SZ on Facebook as well by quoting from these books and articles and showing my own experiences with this illness.
Thank you Mortimer Mouse. By the way, where are you lately?

I’ve been busy in school, glad to hear that you liked the stuff I recommended reading!