No i can't exspress the feelings , the truth i can believe in, but i guess that just the way the story go's

my blood condition is far worse, as my schizophrenia attacks me. there is to much crashing in my sugar levels. and I m not get enough done. if this keepup I well be in a old folks home in two years. and I’m only 53

What does your doctor say DrZen? I remember you went for some tests.

test in the morning then the appointment…

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u always smile but in ur eyes ur sorrow shows… yes it shoooowwwwss… lol

We can be roomies Dr Zen, I swear I’m also headed to the old folk home in a couple of years- IF I make it that far!
…and I’m 51, soon to be 52 years old, feel like old hit hard.

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