No energy today

I cannot understand at all yesterday i was doing brilliantly…everything was perfect…today I am tired with little energy…

work tires me out to no end maybe time to find something else.

@anon80629714 Sounds like you are a rapid cycler, with mixed episodes like myself.
One day UP next day Down - 2 days MIXED - then UP again and then DOWN - this type of bipolar/SZA is very frustrating - saps the life out of me. I started to increase the Risperdal today, will take about 3 more days or so to get to 4 mg - Hopefully this will do the trick, if not I will be calling my pdoc.
Hang in there - and remember to journal everything down on paper, so you can track your moods.
If you are not experiencing psychosis outside of a mood episode, this places you in the bipolar camp -
Mixed episodes is one of the more severe forms of bipolar/SZA

don’t you find it hard to keep track of your emotions? like to put it into words sounds kinda hard. I’m actually schizoaffective, mixed i guess the antipsychotic is preventing the psychosis but not the mood issues. I’m not depressed at all, just tired. And I wasn’t working as well as i was yesterday.

also feel horrible that my colleagues don’t like me… makes me get ideas about quitting… but yesterday it did not bother me at all.

Sounds like the energy is now crash after mild mania.

ive been rapid cycling like that for the past few months. it is tiring!

hang in there

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It’s extremely exhausting and frustrating not knowing what the next day will bring. I’m signing off now good night.

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I alternate moderate high + lows like that. Lithium makes that go away.

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