No cigarettes tonight just vape

My head is blowing up without cigarettes. Anyone switched to vaping successfully?

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I did. But vape kits are like meds, you have to find the right one. You should have a talk to the guys at your local vape shop.

I was also craving cigarettes for a while after I made the switch.

What strength of eliquid are you using? Maybe it’s not enough.


The liquid is strong. It is just the taste. It is grape and hitting me pretty hard in the mouth. Therefore, I don’t feel like vaping. And, I don’t have cigarettes tonight.

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Do you have any chewing gum?

Yes, I have nicotine gum.

Sometimes when i havent got cigarettes. I alternate between gum and the vape (if i have a vape). Otherwise i chew gum and drink tea.

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I recently quit smoking and started vaping. I was a menthol smoker so I had to find the right one to some what mimic that.

Now cigs are nasty.


I see. Good riddance. I hope to get over them too.


I quit both cigs and vape. They found nodules in my lungs. My dad was a smoker and chainm.i hope y’all quit.

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I quit cigs like a decade ago but planning on smoking again when I’m 75.

I switched to vaping but i dont think its healthy. Vaping gives me thousands of premature atrial contractions a day now and i can’t do it anymore but cigarettes don’t do that. Now i think of vaping to cigarettes as concentrated marijuana is to the natural plant. I think it’s bad for my heart.

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