Since I’ve stopped taking my medicines I’ve started having a lot of lucid dreams which are mostly nightmares.

Typically they’re about fear of failure or getting publicly humiliated. I used to have nightmares about people breaking into my house but they seem to have gone away.

What do you all have nightmares about?

Hi yeah always pain being inflicted upon me. Crazy dreams are just dumb.

Lately I keep having this recurring dream where I am taking a test at school that I am totally unprepared for. It’s disconcerting, but I don’t know if it qualifies as a nightmare. A lot of the time when I am in emotional turmoil I have dreams about tornados. There are always a lot of gigantic funnels approaching from off in the distance. One time I dreamed that I was in a giant tornado shelter and there were funnels forming inside it. I could look up and see the air starting to spin and form a funnel. These dreams are scary, but not terrifying.

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Last night I dreamed I was walking near a field. I was struggling because I felt like everybody was piling on me mentally almost a physical feeling(in my dream) that the world is breaking me down. Just like in real life. I just gave up struggling and then everybody let me alone and I kept on walking unnoticed and undisturbed. It’s trying to tell me something. To drive home a point.

Might be the key concept here. Anti-Ps rewire the brain, usually for the “better,” even with all the nasty sfx. Stop taking them and expect the rewiring not to go verblungent? Hmm.

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Truth. You were prescribed your meds for a reason. Best not to mess with them.


My true nightmares are usually my worst fears… being alone with no one in this life… being homeless again… loosing my family.

I’ve been hit with weird dreams lately… they piggy back off reality.

In reality… in my job… we call a goat herder to bring his goats around to munch down the over growth on steep hills… 50 goats can do this faster and safer then a crew of 5 men… and it’s a way to get rid of a fire hazard.

In my dream… a specific goat follows me home and it becomes a truffle goat…(we’re not really a truffle region) The goat helps me make better decisions in my life… like a goat version of Lassy. It’s been weird…


Public humiliation dreams are signs of a weak persona- not an insult to you, it just means that you have a hard time putting on a face for the world unlike the face you show no one or maybe intimates.

I have nightmares of being hunted down or having to hunt people down (those are more fun) but being interrogated is the most common nightmare for me.