Horrible nightmare...can't sleep

it was about a co worker I didn’t used to get along with for a design firm I worked for years ago. he became agitated and I closed the door on him before he could hurt me with a knife and then the authorities at the firm detained and sent him away. but I was so damn scared! when I woke up I couldn’t sleep. so here I am posting…anybody else have bad nightmares?

I sometimes have nightmares about people breaking into my house and wake up punching stuff.

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I have disturbing dreams when I am on an emotional binge. When I am troubled I have dreams about tornados - usually multiple funnels closing in on me. I used to have dreams about snakes when I was troubled, but I haven’t done that in a long time.


I get that one too… that’s one of the things that makes me sleep walk.

I also get dreams that some of my family died in their sleep.

I have to fight the urge to call them all in the wee hours.

I just had a nightmare that I went to prison. My anxiety is through the roof. :dizzy_face:

When I was a little kid I had horrible, violent nightmares. Usually involving the graphic death of myself or my loved ones. Like when I was 5 and watched my mom and best friend get eaten alive by skinless dogs in front of me screaming for me to help them. Or other dreams where I was poisoned to death by my mom, attacked by dogs and demons (I learned to claw out eyes to defend myself-again I was very young during all of this). By age 10 my dreams about sexual violence began…had a dream of falling into a pit of shadowy figures and being gang raped…

Let’s just say I’ve had a history with nightmares. It’s why I became a lucid dreamer I believe, so I could fight back. I just couldn’t handle those levels of fear. I hated falling asleep as a kid, I would try to stay awake as long as I could. The nightmares I have present day are more psychologically disturbing than just plain violent.

I have them every night. I’d be worried if they stopped. My life is more interesting asleep than awake these days.

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I have nightmares but the clonidine helps. My nightmares frequently are about someone hurting me or my partner.

That sounds very scary. Typically in my nightmares, I’m screwing up somehow like getting into a fight and being thrown into prison.

I wonder about it says about me that I’m usually the attacker and not the victim during my nightmares and not the other way around like normal.

Who knows. Means you’re struggling with anger maybe?

You’re probably right. Or maybe it’s a good indication that it’s way past due for me to start back my medications.