Dreams about relapses

I have had some recurring nightmares about having horrific, worse-than-ever relapses in which my meds fail me and I am sicker than ever.

Most of my dreams are full of symbolism, vivid and sometimes lucid, which is a side effect of my Geodon.

But I read in a book about dreams that nightmares about an illness often mean that you are in remission from the illness- which I have been for about half a year now.

I guess that this means that I am actually in the clear and just a little scarred psychologically by what I experienced.

In my dreams, I am sometimes completely symptomatic, worse than I ever was without medication. I know this is not a cheerful topic, but I am still doing fine, taking my meds, doing well in school, seeing my friends and not experiencing any symptoms. I’m all ok.

Does anyone else have nightmares about losing your mind entirely? Do you fear that you could get even worse? Do you have nightmares in which you have episodes?

I have nightmares about relapsing too. They are disturbing, I agree. Vivid dreams are a side effect of all antipsychotics. My pdoc says if you’re not having vivid dreams, there is a good chance your AP ain’t working.

I usually enjoy my dreams. They’re so interesting and I feel so free in my little dreamworlds. I spend like half an hour analyzing my dreams after I wake up. Then I drink a black coffee and smoke a cig and Im wide awake. I was actually woken up by a telemarketing call on my cell this morning, so that was poopy. I wanted to sleep later. But whatevers, today is my day off classes and studying so I can take a nap and not give about anything all day.

I know it’s not exactly the same but when I stopped using drugs for a long time I had dreams about using. I still do get them the odd time. I think it may be your minds way of coping with the fear of a relapse or maybe even just a way of filing it away.

i have these dreams all the time, thanks to Fanapt. but yeah, so anyway

I usually don’t remember my dreams. I wish I did.

I have been having very vivid dreams about living in my past houses, and for some reason babysitting the kids I used to before. Nothing dramatic, but gives me a funny feeling my life in reverse. Some dreams about being psychotic make me wake myself up. Don’t care for those.

I hate vivid dreams about psychotic episodes, It’s makes me think they are happening again.