Nightmares and distress?

I’ve been having recurring nightmares of being tranquilized and blacking out. Last night I dreamed that my cousin sneaked up on me, injected me with a tranquilizer, I blacked out and woke to him surgically removing the muscles in my left arm as I was paralyzed. Im stressed and anxious lately, I have finals and presentations coming up, and although I know I will do well (shit, I made a 3.5 unmedicated and suffering from alcoholism) I am getting panicked and depressed during the day.

Does anyone else have nightmares, and are they indicators of distress? I was actually interviewed for an article in Newsweek about nightmares and psychosis, they will be referring to me under the alias of “Chuck”, which is my cat’s name.

I had a nightmare recently about snakes and spiders, but I don’t remember it happening when I was distressed. All I remember is it caused distress after it happened!
A few months back I had two dreams of being back in hospital. A few days later they came true - I had to be admitted again after a crisis - to the very same hospital in my dreams!

Yes, my nightmares are indicators of distress and agitation. The one about the fire, usually always comes when I’m on the start of a break.

Upsetting stuff will trigger my sleepwalking in a heart beat.

I have the nightmares first and the distress later. My sis has the distress first, and the nightmares later.

The WORST is when she’s having a string of very huge nightmares about when she found me during my suicide attempt and that upsets me and takes me right back to the house fire that she got so burned in.

What’s up chuck?
¿Qué estás haciendo?

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The one thing that helps me the most with school stress is to make a study schedule ahead of time. For instance, I’ll write in my calendar to do a things like homework and quizzes (for math, because I have 5 of each left). For the play that I’m in for theater I am making a separate rehearsal calendar. For Biology and Theater reading I’ll do those before each class or right after(hopefully).

Right now I’m avoiding finishing a paper that is due tomorrow. I’m used to this from high school at least. I’ll probably work on it more when I get home. I’m having problems with the structure. I know how to get it right, it’ll just take some steering to get it back on course.

Nightmares are always a sign for me that I`m stressed and overwhelmed. Good advice that my sister gave me a long time ago–keep your world small. Just deal with what is absolutely necessary-let the rest go…

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Good advice, but I force myself to function very highly as an honors student taking honors classes, keeping a high GPA for my full scholarship and to accepted to a good grad school, and to top it off I am a competitive powerlifter.

I can’t just stay home and entertain myself. I used to, but I am done with that life. My doctors told me that I am too bright to be wasted on an average job, that I should become a psychologist once I entered remission, which I have been in for almost a year. Last september I began functioning academically 100%, then in November I fully recovered due to a new meds plan and made new friends, now I am athletic, social, and academic, fully developed in all areas of life.

I`m saying just until you feel better. Maybe your forcing too much at the moment? Go easy on yourself just for now. Hope this helps.x

yeah my shrink tells me that me not giving a ■■■■ results in higher test scores than most people actually trying…he’s right, I made a 3.5 when I was a psychotic alcoholic. I just need to quit thinking too hard.