Night routine?

Night meds? Tv binge? YT binge? Phone binge? Games? Activities?
What do you all do when it’s “bed time”?

I shoot myself in the foot and neglect homework


Do you also advertise aps?

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It would be just as bad if I did

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You should go to an ASMR session. 10/10 would recommend if you’re feeling that way.

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I listen to them on YouTube sometimes.

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I listen to “longest ya boi” for 10 hours.


This is a good one for me

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Well I typically either go on my phone, watch shows or play videogames. Sometimes if I feel motivated and am doing well I shower beforehand. I start getting tired around 2 am but as soon as I try to sleep I get bad anxiety because I am worried about the nightmares I get. Also when I get anxiety from my ptsd it tends to kick in at night too. This leads to me tossing and turning basically until the sun comes up, after which I pass out from exhaustion and sleep over half the day away.

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I used to be in bed by 7pm ready for sleep.

Since I moved in with my boyfriend my night routine has changed.
We are moving together officially in a month or two is the plan and moving my Dar king here too.:two_hearts:

Usually we have dinner at 7pm (I used to have dinner at 5pm).
We have dinner infront of tv where we watch a episode of a recorded tv series.

After we turn of tv and my boyfriend plays computer game and I usually go to sleep or sometimes read since I finally got a book I can read.

I enjoy milo before bed too.

At last hospital I was at they used to give milo at night to those that wanted it.

My boyfriend plays a lot of computer games.
Better than porn :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: To me anyway :blush:
Although one of the female characters talks with a sexy accent.

Suits me cause I need to sit to my self and just rest,go on line for a while or crewche or something.

Not last hospital I was at but last psychiatric hospital I was staying at…:blush: