Nicotine withdrawal reduced?

I know a lot of people with SZ/A smoke so wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it will last (not just temporary).

It seems like Latuda is making my nicotine withdrawal/cravings go down considerably. I experienced this with Zyprexa also but was only on it for a short while and still smoked out of habit while I was on it. Now I really want to quit, but nicotine withdrawal turns me into a miserable monster to put it very lightly.

Maybe it is the combination of Latuda and then the beta blocker which is keeping my blood pressure down, not sure.

Today I went without a cigarette for roughly 8 hours and did not get withdrawal symptoms like I usually would (agitation, restless, sweating, nausea, horrible feeling like my cells are on fire). Still as a compulsion I asked for cigarette money and went to the store, then smoked one. I felt nothing.

This might be my chance to quit. Has anyone else experienced loss of nicotine dependency on Latuda or other AP?

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Well the worst is 24 hours after u quit but it gets better after that. I switched over to a nice e cig. I still smoke maybe a cig every other day but other then that i don’t really smoke anymore. I cant or i get sick and a massive headache. I wouldn’t know about antipsychs and loss of nicotine dependency but its an interesting theory

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For me it gets increasingly worse and peaks on the third day, where I feel like a full-on rage machine and like my body is on fire, it’s hell.

I wonder if the effect is because of the dopamine action?

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If u can afford it. Get a cloupor 30 watt box and an atlantis tank it actually really works to alleviate from regular stinkys

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Lol yeah it sure does stink.

Like i said ill smoke one every other day but if u get the right e cig not those cheap things it will really get u off cigs no lie. I mean the initial cost is around 80-100 but it ends up being cheaper in the long run and ur not killing urself. I don’t want u to kill urself from regular cigs u seem nice


I just passed the 24 hour mark of no smoking. Well coming up on the 25 hour mark in a few minutes actually. So far only very mild withdrawal feelings, more like a mild restlessness, I’m not sure what to do with myself when I’m not smoking every hour, my whole life usually revolves around that.


24 hours is great.

When you want to smoke but don’t want to smoke, discuss it with me! Or distract yourself otherwise. Or drink water. Or deep breathe. Just delay the blooming cigarette!

Nicotine addiict in recovery,



48 Hours in, this is when the withdrawal starts to peak and I become an insane frothing monster. I do feel it but it’s blunted, like muffled in the background and not so bad as long as I stay occupied.

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