Anyone used Champix?


Has anyone tried champix for nicotine addiction?
I want to quit nicotine because it is costing me a fortune and was wondering what other peoples experiences with it were?
I have never smoked cigarettes, just nicotine lozenges.

I heard it can cause whacky dreams, is this true?


I’m going to the doc next Thursday to get it.
I’ll let you know what happens.

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Yeah it was amazing and it worked.

I got a little sick to the stomach but didn’t even finish the course. I smoked a pack a day for over 20 years and tried everything to give up to no avail. Shrink gave me champix/chantix and it worked brilliantly. When first on it I smoked a lot…like two packs a day then just got to a day a week and a half in and just said I’m not buying smokes today.

No desire or addiction to call me back. I’m now almost 10 years without and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done! Give it a go!


Did you have bad nicotine withdrawal?
Just curious since I probably get as much nicotine from the snuff pouches as a pack a day of smokes.

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Yeah I’d get bad withdrawal. I’d be smoking the remains of butts I was that desperate. Champix really was an easy thing to do. It really amazed me how easy it was! Nicotine is such an insidious drug.

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Glad it worked for you.
Hoping for the same results.


That sounds really hopeful, did you get any scary dreams from it or did it worsen SZ stuff at all? That is the only thing I am worried about.


I had it and didnt quit with it. I recommend quitting cold Turkey
You gotta get that s*** out of your system so you quit craving it. You start to cut back on cigs until your down to 1 or 2 a day. Then you just quit for good. That’s how I quit.

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Have tried cold turkey so many times.
Hoping Chantix will take some of the edge off.
If it works great, if not back to the drawing board.

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I dont smoke but my dads tried it, he goes okay on the first week or two (white tablets) and is able to cut down his smoking by half, but his head goes funny on the blue tablets he says