Nicotine withdrawal and psychosis

So, my plan for december was getting off meds (my doc says it’s ok and worth a try, also read a lot on it and i’m convinced it may work) and also quit smoking.

but then i read that nicotine withdrawal increases psychosis.

does anyone has experience with it?

maybe nicotine patches work against psychosis?

There’s no need to go into withdrawal quitting smoking
I was on about 15
4mg lozenges and a 20 mg patch to start with to deal with cravings and I basically didn’t crave and probably would still smoke if I had
Reduce so slowly over a period of months
Lozenges reduced till half a mg and then patches only reduced to a sliver

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Why not try one thing at a time

I quit with nicotine patch and had a relapse in a month

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I know that Nicotine and Smoking helps me a lot with my delusions. So quitting it may trigger it.

I’d imagine it’s the opposite, that nicotine increases psychosis.

Thanks, I will try that.

If I’m willing to go off meds, I wish it would be for the rest of my life; and one way or another I will quit smoking, so the only way is that if I quit smoking BEFORE i quit meds, but i’m having classes right now and I cant study if I don’t smoke.

@waterway even on meds?

@saurav yeah, thats what i’m afraid of.

@astefano I wish that would be the case, but reasearch has shown its the other way around.

Yeah i was on abilify when i had a relapse. It lasted 5 months

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Ciggerattes help in Cognition.

sarcosine has been a miracle for me.

I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

Low smoking cessation rates and reports that some smokers with schizophrenia experience an acute increase in symptoms during attempts to quit smoking, suggest a self-medication model.

the withdrawals really aren’t that bad once you get past the “life view” of having tobacco involved…

these things pass within 6 days… by the end of the month you’ll feel like a golden god… just for not smoking

good luck… and enjoy it

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Also - don’t take off the patch if you have a weak moment
nothing bad will happen
if you take the patch off and leave it off or put it on and off it’s a failed attempt

if you have say a couple cigs one day on top of all that - you are still healthier and you’re detoxing

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I had a cuppa coffee with 2 slim cigarettes today. This is the road to ruin :bomb: