Nice experience at grocery store

This very ethnic girl asked me if I played Pokemon go…I said no. Then I started telling her how I used to play it on gameboy and I had all the cards and I’m looking for them to sell. We had a nice little convo she was very nice. I was feeling hypomania because of school but she calmed me down. Feels good making convo with strangers. And yesterday we were on the boat and this couple asked what our boat name meant and I explained to them…I made them laugh. Stuff like this always cheers me up!


What is your boat’s name and what does it mean?

“Boat boat”

I named it myself. My parents liked the name.

We had a stray cat named “cat cat” that used to hang around our house, we took it in, then gave it away and named the boat in its honor.

The way I told them the story, my delivery was on target, I made them laugh. I’ve become so much better socially since becoming sober.

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That’s a funny story :smile:

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I too had a nice experience at the grocery store. A woman came up to me asking me if I knew where the mayonase was. My shopping cart had some items listed on it and the isles and I directed her to the isle with condiments. Was nice.

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Yeah they were probably like 38-40 this couple. I feel like an adult now. Being able to make adults laugh and connecting to them socially. I miss cat cat though :sob:

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On the topic of public experiences, the other day I was sitting in the library and this lady in her 60s came up to me and said “I had to say this to you, you look like someone I know: my son - and he’s a very good looking man”

cougar advances … classic library story

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Yep, yep, yep. [quote=“turningthepage, post:1, topic:55345”]
Feels good making convo with strangers.

It took me 50 years to learn but I can do that too now. I can talk to both men and women now.
And sometimes even teenagers!!!
I’m even starting to like children too.

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Idk about children and teenagers just yet. I know how cruel teenagers could be from when I was a teenager that I still get paranoid about them. Maybe in due time.

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