I've come a long way

The other day this kid was delivering pizzas to my apartment building and I let him in. Then we got in the elevator together and he was DETERMINED to make small talk with me. He said “how’s your day going”. And I was like “oh it’s alright”. Then there was a pause for a split second and he was a millisecond away from going into “you’re awkward” mode. Then I just started talking. I made like three points of conversation by the time I was out of the elevator. He was pleased. He treated me as equal and it was good for my self asteem. I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to this kid but I did it! And did it well. Some people just can’t stand the sound of silence. He was one of them. And I got him off through my words. Felt good.


I do that all the time. I don’t know WTF happened to me but something snapped and I will
talk to anyone, lol.

In fact yesterday i had to go to the County Hospital for test results for a physical problem I’m having. I got in an elevator with a beautiful young blonde in a short dress and a fairly good looking brunette. I was standing behind them while they were talking and I thought I heard the blonde say she got accepted to Harvard. I was impressed so I said in awe, " Wow, you’re going to Harvard"? She turned round and sized me up for a couple of seconds and then she smiled at me and laughed". She said, ’ No, I didn’t say that but “wow”, thanks for saying that." And flashed me a big smile as she walked off.

You don’t have to be great looking to talk to women. All it takes is being friendly and interested and having a sense of humor goes a long way too.

But these moments we’re having are fun, right?
I talk to people at work all the time. I pass people in the hallways who I was sure that they hated me for years and it dawns on me that I was a 100% wrong and we talk and laugh. If you do this, you may make a fool of yourself some times, but it’s not the end of the world. People can be pretty forgiving. I’m 55 years old, a little overweight, a little better-than average looking, and shy as hell. But women are friendly to me and I may dare say that they even like me.

I think I probably finally broke down the barrier between me and women that’s been plauging me for most of my life.

It took years and years but so what. It’s only the present that counts. I found that I like making people feel good about themselves. It’s better late than never.

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I talk when I am nervous. My old nurse said I had a gift at that cos when I was say waiting to meet him in a coffee shop I would always befriend the folks on the next table cos I was nervous.

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