New Years Weight Loss Thread!

Who here made a new years goal of losing weight? Anyone want to join in for some accountability?

What are you doing to help you lose weight? What are your goals?


My goal is to lose at least 25 lbs this year. My end goal weight is to lose 75, which I might be able to do if I’m really motivated and strict, but that would be really difficult because I don’t have much control over my food.

I’m mostly just counting calories because I still can’t really exercise much. Going to try to get back to eating more vegetables, though. The last few months over been pretty bad about only eating a few servings a day. I did better when vegetables we’re my main food source.

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My goal is to lose another 47 pounds. I’m counting calories and exercising 5 days a week.


I’m using the Lose It! app to help me count calories. I was able to lose 80 lbs last year doing this, so I’m hopeful I can do it again.

But it’s got me eating 1400 calories a day and I’ve been eating closer to 1800 a day because I ready as lost if snacks and sweets. So I need to cut those out for sure. I think I might be setting myself up for failure trying to eat fewer calories and less sugar and no coffee all at once. I usually drink a cup of coffee when I feel like snacking but don’t want the calories. But I can’t have caffeine right now.

Anyways, I’ve got 400 calories left for snacks today. I think I’ll be able to make it.

Do you use an app to count calories?

Yes. I use MyFitnessPal

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I measure, count or weigh everything I eat and drink

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Same. I weigh and measure everything. Well, not as much as I did last year. Like, I had a piece of banana bread that I made and I didn’t go through and enter the weight and ingredients and all that. Just trusted the measurements of the recipe.

I’m using the Lose It! app. I like it better than my fitness pal, but I don’t just it for exercise. I find their calorie counter more accurate.

Yeah. I have to search calories first so I can match it up with the correct amount on MyFitnessPal

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2020 I went from 96 kilos to 68 kilos.

According to the NHS BMI website, my healthy range is from 56.7kg - 76.6kg.

I want to get to about 60-65 kilos.

Should be possible if I continue to work my manual labour


According to BMI is should be 90-120 lbs/41-54 kg, but last time I was that size my doctor threatened me with a feeding tube. I hate BMI charts.

They thought I had an eating disorder in 2013, as when I got admitted I was 58 kgs, but like you say according to the BMI, that’s still considered healthy!

It’s a difficult thing. I am just glad I am not classed as obese on it anymore, as I was right on the border for it just tipping over into that category.

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I’ll probably always be considered obese on the bmi charts. Even when I’m a size S/XS in women’s clothes I’m in the obese category.

My weight is around 70kg atm. The aim for this year is to get down to 55kg. And maintain that weight.

For the sake of my health.

So I would be very happy to see this thread remain alive.

Good luck, we can do it.


I would to lose 30lbs… Intermittent fasting… and start exercising…


Do you workout @LED? Muscle weighs more than fat.

I will take up walking again…at some point…but right now my focus is a 28 day diet, just for January.

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What kind of diet? @Raelyn_Fenn

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It is a very strict one, but just for 28 days. Basically 28 days with no comfort foods. I will still eat 3 times a day.

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Okay… I’m going to juice and try Intermittent fasting with one meal per day.

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