New therapist says im not sza

So i saw my last therapist and psychiatrist for about 3 years, but my therapist quit her job recently so i cant see either of them anymore. I got a new therapist and today was only our second session. We hadnt even talked about my histpry of psychosis during the first session, it was mainly focused on whats bothering me now, which is depression and anxiety. Today she opened up the session by telling me she doesnt think i have sza and proceeded to say things like “people get diagnosed with that after one or two sessions” and “people jump to medication without even teying therapy first” maybe implying both of those are true for me? But theyre not at all, far from it, and i kept trying to say something about it but she kept talking over me. All we did today was she read this 6 page document to me about building self esteem and then assigned me homework and ended the session 15 minutes early. I barely got to talk at all. She is assuming my psychosis is because i was on antipsychotics for so long and she believes i dont truly have psychosis but the meds were causing it.

Idk just seems ironic that shes assuming i was misdiagnosed with sza after one session with a psychiatrist but shes undiagnosing me with it after one session without wven going over my history. I honestly dont know if i want to see her again. Which sucks because i really liked her during my first session. I mean it would be ncie if shes rifht about me not having sza but i trust a psychiatrists opinion that i saw for 3 years more than a therapists opinion that i saw for 50 minutes.


Yeah…I have to agree with your assessment. What business does a therapist have diagnosing psychotic disorders? Especially after one session. Doesn’t seem appropriate.


Hard pass on this one.

Batting waaaaay outta her league here.


That does not sound right. Maybe look into another therapist if you are able.

Talking over you seems a little unprofessional in my opinion.


That sounds like a dangerous way to express her opinion its purely subjective and not professional


I guess maybe I’m wrong on this. I looked it up and I guess they can diagnose MI along with Psychiatrist in certain states. I have never been to a therapist.

I still say it seems like jumping the gun.


Yeah she seemed really hard pressed to blow through the session. She did just have surgery so im wondering if thats part of it. But definitely not a good look for a second session


Honestly , even though she can diagnose mental illness, she doesn’t have nearly the training of a psychiatrist. One session is not enough, especially since you didn’t talk much. You need a different therapist


Maybe but she shouldn’t be seeing clients if she is still recovering especially if it may cloud her judgement.

…and assigning homework? A little is okay but if you were unable to talk how would she know what type of homework to assign. Seems like that is the purpose of therapy which is to talk things out and not think about them on your own time.


Maybe you are waiting for just the right therapist who you have not yet met.

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