Diagnoses questioned by new therapist

Hi, I was a member of this forum until 2015. I started to get better, so I moved away from posting.

While I’ve been a lot better, I have been struggling with my symptoms this year. My psychiatrists, who are a husband and wife team, have been incredible at helping me regain control.

However, medication isn’t enough for me. I’ve been in therapy for the last 5 years. But my therapist moved out of state, and I was forced to find a new therapist fairly quickly.

And my new therapist has me really distressed.

She told me she doesn’t think I have schizoaffective disorder, because she’s never seen me psychotic. I’ve only seen her 4 times.

I know that diagnoses change, but I can’t help but feel as if she doesn’t believe me when I tell her about my psychosis symptoms.

I saw my psychiatrists the next day and they told me: “You definitely do have schizoaffective disorder,” and “You should find a new therapist.”

So I did. I start seeing him in a few weeks.

Has this ever happened to you?



I had a therapist tell me that my psychosis was a result of child abuse and that I just needed therapy and to go off meds. I promptly found a different therapist who politely confirmed that I am indeed a nutter and I need my meds.

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@ozymandias that’s terrible. It seems pretty dangerous to encourage someone to go off their meds. I’m glad you sought another opinion.

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I’m sorry @karmaadm
But you’re doing the right thing by seeing a new therapist.

I wish you luck

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I’m glad you got a new therapist.

I once saw a neurologist for brain lesions. As soon as I introduced myself and my husband to him, he told me I don’t have schizophrenia and instead I have OCD.

This guy knew nothing about me at all. I think people assume if you’re able to speak normally at all, you don’t have schizophrenia. They’re wrong.

It was very irresponsible of him to do that because I genuinely struggle with my diagnosis

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@Wave Thanks! It was very destabilizing for me. I felt like I wanted to pretend I wasn’t ill for so long. But now that I need treatment, it wasn’t being given.

I have this personality trait that if someone doesn’t trust me, I have trouble trusting them.

You need to be able to trust your providers.

Or at minimum, trust your own judgment.


@CoCo Thank goodness for second and third opinions. I hope you got the help you needed.

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Thanks @karmaadm . I’m getting lots of help actually. I’m very grateful.

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My new psychiatrist wants to change my treatment and put me on injections of an anti-psychotic drug. This happened about fifteen minutes into the first meeting (via phone video call). Something about that doesn’t sit well with me. Also, I don’t want injections, but I’m not sure if I’m just being a fraidy cat.

A therapist can’t diagnose after four session. Or undiagnosed. My therapist said he’s met many people with sza that have long periods of remission/no symptoms.

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Therapists are not doctors and imho they are hardly professionals at all

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@FlyingSwan I don’t like major changes like that happening within a short period after seeing someone new. Although I have heard good things about injectables.

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I have had a 10 year gap between having a psychosis. Remission is possible.