New Schizophrenia Treatments Address Unmet Clinical Needs


Seems quite a few drugs are going to come with reduced side effects + addressing negatives,cognitive in year or two Please check and comment your opinions:


Hi @NewHope … good morning man… lemme read it…!!!


Not impressed. Nothing new really. And certainly nothing that resembles a cure. We need a paradigm shift.

“In summary, several products are being developed to address the significant unmet needs that exist in the schizophrenia marketplace. For example, three potential treatments—ITI-007 (Intra-Cellular Therapies), MIN-101 (Minerva Neurosciences), and NaBen (SyneuRx)—are aimed at managing the negative symptoms of the disease. In addition, AVN-211 (Avineuro Pharmaceuticals) is in late-stage development as a treatment for the cognition impairments associated with schizophrenia, and Lu AF35700 (Lundbeck) addresses treatment resistance in schizophrenia patients. Finally, three formulations of risperidone—risperidone implant (Braeburn Pharmaceuticals), risperidone ISM (Rovi), and RBP-7000 (Indivior)—are expected to offer improved safety profiles.”


There’s a lot of hope on the horizon. Especially for younger folk.


Doesnt read like hope to me. Its really nothing but the same old same old. Except iti, min and NaBen. And these compounds havent showed any major effects.


There’s this too


It’s definitely the old same dopaminergic thesis. No major breakthrough since the 50’s and first AP (Laborit). We need more perspective.


this is new!
they say it’s just 5-HT6 antagonist that will improve cognition


“In 2015, however, AVN-211failed to demonstrate statistically significant results in a phase 2 pilot study, which evaluated the efficacy of AVN-211 in amplifying the effects of antipsychotic drugs in 80 patients with schizophrenia in incomplete remission receiving stable antipsychotic therapy. AVN-211 was not significantly different from placebo on the study’s primary efficacy endpoint.”


That would be Gene Therapy,CRISPR and Stem cells combination. any of the pills popping would always fall short of something and will be with side effects. pill popping for life sucks. heck did not even take multivitamin before this … sz.


Even if ITI 007 delivers on its promise its big step forward from status quo I feel. No side effects + impact on positives, negatives and cognition. Hope no side effects remains true even when taken for long duration.


Looking forward to this.

If ALKS 3831 is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is expected to be launched in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2019.


But its only remarketed olanzapine. Olanzapine with a twist. It isnt really that exciting.


do any one here understand how placebo response shot and and mess up ITI007’s phase 3 trial results? More I think about it more I feel concerned. How come same did not happen to active component(Risperidone I believe) ?


Its some ■■■■■■■■ excuse from the iti research ppl to try and explain the fact that their drug doesnt do as well as advertised. I have very low confidence in this compound.


Yeah I know but hopefully with less weight gain and less side effects than Olanzapine.
Zyprexa is a very effective drug.


I think the original link is a year old and its guesses about approvals are out of date.


Intracellular believes several of the study sites had unusually high placebo response. The response to the drug has hovered in the 13-14 point reduction range on the PANSS. The placebo response rate in various trials has gone from 7 to 10 to 15 points in different studies, while the response rate to the drug has been stable around 13-14 points.

If they exclude the one study with the very high placebo response rate, it looks pretty good. If they include that study, and average all of the studies together, it looks alright. There will be a lot of data, in addition to the 2 phase 3 trials and phase 2 trial in sz, there is a switching (from standard of care and back) and a bipolar trial with results due at the middle of this year.

I think it’s important to not expect this to have NO side effects - it surely will. The question is are they tolerable. If it doesn’t give you diabetes, man boobs, make you gain 100 lbs, cause heart irregularities, like some APs can, it’ll be a big step forward.


You guys all impress the heck out of me with your brains. No cognitive dysfunction here.


Thank you for nice explanation @twinklestars .Do you how much was the reduction range in PANSS for other active agent ( Risperidone) in the study with high placebo and over all?

Wonder what PANSS reduction range scale abilify got.

No side effects or very less side effects is very important considering our weight time for cure. NO TD or other EPS would be big on my list too. Rather than sz its drug side effects that I am worried more about frankly.