New Schizophrenia Treatments Address Unmet Clinical Needs


I believe the risperidone was around 20 points.

risperidone and olanzapine are probably the most effective as far as PANSS point reduction in clinical trials, excluding clozapine. But obviously they don’t work for everyone and the side effects can be serious.


So besides no side effects was there any other edge/benefit ITI 007 has over risperidone?
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If you are talking about safety, it appears that Brexpiprazole has an excellent safety profile.
I don’t know the details though.
I don’t know the dosage and how this medication should be taken
(at what time of the day? with or without food?)


In the phase 2 study, ITI 007 reduced negative symptoms about 2x as well as placebo, but that’s still not a huge amount. It might have some positive effect though.

In that same phase 2 study, risperidone only improved the PANSS scores of participants by 13.4 points … you don’t always get consistency, part of why clinical trials are so hard.

ITI 007 also might have some antidepressant effects.

I think we’ll know more after they complete the ongoing trials, but it seems like it may be more tolerable, at least for some, and have some additional benefits, at least for some.

It still has side effects though. Just not (it appears) EPS, weight gain, prolactin increase or blood sugar increase.


Oh, also in the first phase 3 study (I don’t know about the 2nd phase 3) there was a pretty fair benefit to personal social performance at the 60mg dose.

This is the main publication where I’m getting this data, it was published before the results of the phase 3b, so it has phase 2 and 3a data.


so if it can be as effective as Risperidone for some without all these major side effects thats huge plus in my view. Gives us some healthy time to wait for cure.


I seriously hope this works for us.


One of the big factors in its favor, in my view, is that the studies had a higher drop out rate for the placebo and risperidone than for ITI-007. These were blind studies, so people did not know what they were getting.


is there any other drug you guys are betting on besides ITI007 thats coming out soon? Just in case?Do not like ITI007 has no competition. I am planning to stay on seroquel till this iti007 comes out. Hope no major side effects on seroquel (EPS is most bothersome for me as it directly affects your social life and how you function and can make you disabled).

People liking drug better than placebo is big plus specially when you are talking about antipsychotics.

Thank you @twinklestars things are clearer now and am feeling much better.


I’m hopeful about MIN 101 which is in phase 3, and evenamide which is supposed to start phase 3 around the end of this year and has been fast tracked. LUAF35700 is also in the middle of phase 3 and it might be the new, safe clozapine, but very little has been published on it.

If the phase 3 trials go well, most of those might be out in the early 2020s.


safe clozapine is big title given clozapine’s effectiveness. Hope they are available sooner than later. We desperately need better meds till we get cure.


NewHope… thank you for staying positive. Some forget how much torture mentally and physically it was for schizophrenics before Haldol first came out. Honestly, I know that I would not be alive today with out the anti-psycholic meds… It has made my life 100 times better … I was not able to function before. I am sure that the doctors are trying their best to come up with a cure all pill for us. Thanks for adding Hope to this forum.


Thank you @Rosie1 for kind words. Glad that my intention of spreading hope has atleast some success…:slight_smile: