New Schizophrenia Treatments Address Unmet Clinical Needs

In summary, several products are being developed to address the significant unmet needs that exist in the schizophrenia marketplace. For example, three potential treatments—ITI-007 (Intra-Cellular Therapies), MIN-101 (Minerva Neurosciences), and NaBen (SyneuRx)—are aimed at managing the negative symptoms of the disease. In addition, AVN-211 (Avineuro Pharmaceuticals) is in late-stage development as a treatment for the cognition impairments associated with schizophrenia, and Lu AF35700 (Lundbeck) addresses treatment resistance in schizophrenia patients. Finally, three formulations of risperidone—risperidone implant (Braeburn Pharmaceuticals), risperidone ISM (Rovi), and RBP-7000 (Indivior)—are expected to offer improved safety profiles.6


Still lacking a proper medication…

farcry - have you tried any antidepressants? Also - how about a therapist?


I now take venlafaxine ( ssnri ) anti anxiety clonazapam .25mg with 5mg zyprexa and 1 other …i am good now …i am having cbt in couple of week. So i am feeling somewhat good now…thanks for asking …


Do u have any news on Naben…

About NaBen:

Looks like the trial regarding negative symptoms is still not open.


An alternative to waiting for new meds to be released to market is to brain train.

I used to play the waiting game but then about 5 years ago I said to myself ‘To hell with waiting, I need to get better TODAY’.

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Great to hear!!! Life gets better, we all have our times when we feel down. Glad to hear things are going better - I think the CBT will help.


When can we expect to see but 1 of these new treatments? I am pondering suicide because I can’t take latuda anymore


Is ITI -007 still in the running? I thought it failed in phase 3

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From the article

If ITI-007 gains FDA approval, analysts anticipate that it will be launched in the U.S. in the first half of 2018

Iti-007 is still in the running.


I hope that ■■■■ works.

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Getting it will be the difficult thing because its name brand.

Dude if your on disability it will cost 12 cents

On disability you can’t get name brand medications unless you are in the medicare with extra help program, in which case in my case I can’t make more than 500 dollars a month, or so I’ve been told.

I don’t know. I guess I have Medicare but I’ve not had any problems at all getting meds, name brand or genericp

The article was interesting. I hope some of the meds get approved.

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Hm… maybe it’s time to give Sodium Benzoate another chance, it’s readily available to buy and cheap. Bought it a couple of years ago but didn’t give it a proper chance to see if it does something. Taste is unbearable, that’s what I do know.

I just don’t think there’s a magic pill.

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psychosis is a death sentence. Once you have it if it doesnt go away you can kiss your life goodbye. That is unless you like not getting laid, having friends, being taken seriously or respected by people. You simply become inhuman.
ts taken me fifteen years to accept this. I don’t think I’m going to be on this earth much longer