New piano pieces and songs

Etude No. 3, by Frédéric Chopin, I’m pretty much done with this piece. I think my teacher will pass me on it this week.

The Sound of Silence, by Paul Simon, I feel this song is going rather well. My teacher may want me to keep practicing it for another week or two. I don’t mind.

Trumpet Tune, by Jeremiah Clarke, Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book 3. I just started this tune. I got a ways to go on it yet.

About my recording myself: I tried it and it sounds tinny and terrible video recording from my smartphone. My teacher says I don’t have the right recording equipment. And I don’t know how to get it.

When I recorded my albums, I used a professional recording studio.


It’s too bad your not closer, I have a fully functional recording studio in my home. I would love the opportunity to record a Pianist for a change

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if u have a computer and digital piano u can output the audio from the keyboard directly into the computer and record

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Easy for you to say. I’m 61 years old and an almost complete computer illiterate. I have no idea what to do.

@cigarino , In order to record on my computer, I’m guessing I would have to have access to on my desktop computer in order to upload the recording to the site. Right now I don’t have access to on my desktop. Only on my smartphone.

Sorry about my too easy dismissal earlier.

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