Piano works

Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin. I just about have this song down now believe it or not. Even though my teacher told me that this song was a “massive undertaking” for students. I disagree. I found it relatively easy and enjoyable.

The Well Tempered Clavier, by Bach. Another beautiful, enjoyable piece.

Etude No. 3, by Frédéric Chopin. I’m just starting to work on this piece. The time and key signatures, the chords, and fingerings, etc… Hopefully I will be able to perform it tomorrow for my teacher.


Very cool. It’s an easy song for the chords for the guitar players but on piano I’d imagine it’s a cool piece…Well done to you…

Do your record your work? I’d find it interesting your version of it! But not drama’s. I still think it’s pretty cool!


Idk, I suppose I could try recording myself playing Stairway but you would only be able to see my hands because I have no one to video record me.

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oh I wish you would…I would love to hear you !!


You could do audio cheaply with a mike and that would be interesting for me but it’s no demand. Do what you do and it’s very cool.


I went and invested 39 dollars into a Samsung phone tripod today. I have an amp for the audio. Would all that work? This tripod also has an LED light.


Glad to hear you are progressing.

Would also love to see or hear one of your pieces. No pressure of course so only if you feel comfortable sharing.


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No, I don’t feel “comfortable” sharing but a lot, if not most, artists don’t feel comfortable performing. That’s just a given. The trick is to work around that.

The good thing is that shooting a video recording is nowhere near the same as performing live. That is something I think I can work with.


I like to play classical music on guitar, that is, music transcribed for guitar and it’s fairly easy. I played an old Irish piece, THE HARP THAT ONCE…on Facebook right before I went to the hospital and was happy about it but I made three mistakes and played way too slow. Lol.

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I look forward to 7 a.m. to practice on the guitar. I don’t want to wake up the neighbors. I don’t know if they can hear me, I can hear children in other apartments and think maybe my guitar carries like that too. I have been sleeping later but last night I had demented dreams so I got up early.

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I’m not a great musician. It gives me something to work toward now I’m getting old. I enjoy even simple exercises. And I like to share about it.

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I received a camera tripod with a circular LED light in the mail yesterday. Now, all I need is a USB chord extension for that. I got to order it by mail.

I think that’s all I need anyway. I do have an amp. I’m not sure if I know how to set it up however.

When I get it all set up, I will hopefully be able to video audio record myself at my keyboard.

And I’m NOT promising Horowitz you guys. I’ll be lucky if I can play like a 2 year old.

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