New Piano Assignments

My next assignments I have to work on are:

Birthstone Blues, by Burt Konowich, and

Faithfully, by Journey (Jonathan Cain).

I’m excited to start. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’d be cool if you recorded yourself playing your piano. I’d enjoy that

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll consider that. I could get my wife to record me. But if I could get through a whole recording session without stopping at the beginning or middle of the piece due to off the charts anxiety, it would be a miracle.


Then just record snippets. Or don’t record at all. It’s ok either way

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I taught myself how to play piano a bit. We had the instrument in the family and I just kept banging away until I picked up on it a bit.

Here’s an original composition of mine. It’s kinda sloppy in spots but I feel it’s easy on the ears.


I’d also love to hear you play as well, @SkinnyMe! :slight_smile:

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I’d say that’s very good for someone who has never had lessons. I’d say you’re every bit as good as me and I’ve had over 14 years of lessons!

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