New pdoc appointment tomorrow

Been waiting for this appointment for six months. First time ever seeing a private pdoc. Really hope something good comes out of it. Especially since its a fair distance away to get to and super expensive for me. Ive also somehow managed to only see female pdocs over the last decade and a half. And this guys a dude. So that’ll be interesting. I seem to get along better with female doctors. Even though I’m male.
Wish me luck.
Hope you guys are all doing okay.


Hope it goes great! Keep us posted!

My best pdoc was male, even though I usually prefer women. My last one was female and she was terrible. Can’t judge by that.

My current pnurse is female and wonderful, but the award for best goes to Dr H, who is still so memorable even though the last time I saw him was in June 1996. The only reason I stopped is that I moved an hour away.

Good luck!


Thanks. Appreciate it. Yeah its the person not whether they are male or female.

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@Ozzyskits That is exciting to finally get an appointment that you have been waiting 6 months for! I semi recently switched to a private dr too. I had been going to a government run clinic.


Yeah ive only seen public/government pdocs and mh workers for like a decade and a half. First time seeing a private one. It ended up going pretty well. And the best part was i was told i would have to pay a hectic amount for it. But when it was over he’s just like “lets just let medicare take care of it.” So it ended up being completely free for me. So awesome. I was stressing so much about the money. Lucky to be Austalian with our decent health care system. Especially for people diagnosed with mental health issues.