Saw pdoc - but what a long wait!

I had a very tiring and frustrating time at dr. Again they couldn’t find my file (they couldn’t find it a few months ago too) and I had to wait three freaking HOURS to be last to see a pdoc.

The one that saw me for the last year has left and I saw head dr today and next time I see new dr. I hope they have my file ready next time or else I’d complain of their ■■■■ service!

Well at least I saw dr and got my meds. Pdoc happy with my progress. I had to explain a lot of things as she didn’t have my file. It was crap but I endured. I talked a lot about hubby and I marriage but explained it’s better now

I’m in a good phase of my illness and long may it last after all the difficulties and hospital stays this year!

I see pdoc next time on 18 Jan


Great to hear you’re doing better.

And 3 hours is a very long wait. I used to have a pdoc that kept me waiting for hours as well but I switched. Now I have to wait 15 mins tops. Way better!


I’m glad your doing better @Hadeda
Hang in there!


I went to a community clinic as a kid and can empathize. Waiting is the worst. I’m sorry they are being so lousy. Do they not have electronic records?