Staying with my pdoc!

I am so excited. My pdoc is leaving the office where I get services, I was devastated when I heard that. But I saw her today and she says she opened her own practice and I could start seeing her there once I get commercial insurance in July. My medications will still be free but it is going to cost about $50 co pay anytime I see her which is about every 2 months so that’s completely doable


That’s good. You certainly didn’t get along with that last psychiatrist.

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Oh yes, that other psychiatrist I saw was awful. I told my psychiatrist about her today and she told me it’s a common complaint in that office about the other psych provider having horrible bed side mannor


That’s awesome. I’m happy for you :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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oh yayyy…I can’t imagine losing my pdoc…I love her so much !! but good for you !!

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I feel like I owe it to her to never find another one due to the fact she figured out I was having heart issues and saved my life truthfully in a literal way I went to a “real doctor” and they said nothing was wrong and she immediately took me to the hospital my psychiatrist should be a heart specialist it seems

Good bed side manners is important to me.
You did the right thing @Hanna_Foxx

Glad you can go back with your previous doctor

Yay good for you!!