New member. Diagnosed nearly 4 years ago now

hey everyone. just decided to join the site. I hear horrible voices all day now and one challenged me forever. you read that right. I basically fight evil all day and its become a full time job. I am also a business owner and author of around 40 books at age 28 so life keeps me busy to say the least. my latest book is called voices. if you would like a copy message me and i’ll send you the link. its about my battle with the illness. ive been hospitalized 24 times for various reasons and was even sent to jail at the beginning of my illness because the voices were so bad that I damaged a hotel room.

so, ive been through a lot. I was never considered the ‘normal’ one per se since about 4th grade. I’m probably the most eccentric person I grew up with. but you live and learn. my court ordered treatment is over next month and I’m excited about that as it was a fraud and people committed massive perjury in the first place to get me on. glad to be here. hope all is well.

hi welcome how are you doing today

fine, thanks for asking.

I’ve found a lot of schizophrenic’s writings are like brain salad, but I might be interested.

I read a lot.

Why you think you have sz. if not just unfortunate news.

Hey and welcome.

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Please PM me a link to you books.

I did read Rebecca Chamaa’s book: Pills, Poetry and Prose

and I did a short review on this site of what I thought of the book.

I also have a blog, and I can plug your books on there if you’d like.