New job, very stressed

I got a job as a dishwasher thinking it would be smooth sailing. Boy was I wrong. The job title is actual “service assistant”. I have to wash dishes, clean floors, do garbage, clean bathrooms, and even bus tables sometimes!

The worst part is interacting with my coworkers. I am very stressed out about this. I don’t see it getting any better either. I have reduced affect when I am there and probably seem really disengaged with my coworkers. It’s not that I dislike them, I just feel very uncomfortable interacting with people :frowning:

My stress levels are growing because of this and I don’t know if I can handle it. Should I start looking for a new job? Maybe something where I would entirely work alone?


How long have you been at this job? I’m just wondering if you’ve given it a proper chance yet; it may get easier with time, you may become more comfortable. If you really can’t handle working with people, maybe something with less interaction would be better for you, though. I would at least hang onto this job while you look for another, if that’s what you choose to do. Perhaps this current job would become easier for you with time and experience.

Catering can be pretty full on and not for everyone. Kitchen hand is often the lowest of the food chain doing long hours and crap jobs all for very little . I have a long history in the catering industry and no way can I do it any more and are better jobs with better hours which is better for your mental well being my honest option anyhow.


I am only a month in. Really hope it gets easier :slight_smile: and I could see that happening with time and experience I suppose


Thank you. I guess I will keep this job for now and keep my eyes peeled for anything that looks like it would suit me better.


I can really relate to the reduced affect around coworkers. I have that problem. Seem very disengaged but actually just so uncomfortable. Unfortunately it seems to get * worse * not better over time for me. I am starting to study computer programming so I can eventually work alone but I’ll have to suffer through it until then. Unless I figure something else out. But you could have a different experience.

I think of that job as getting paid to exercise. Wish I was still physically up to it. :slight_smile:

The main thing is to be happy and healthy and if this job is seriously hindering that, you might want to consider something else. I used to do some bookkeeping for an accountant from home, which was the least stressful of all the jobs I had. You can ask any friends of yours who work in accounting or business and they will sometimes need people especially during busy season.

I used to work at a busy restaurant bussing tables, it was stressful and physically exhausting. Boss and coworkers would get angry if I made a small mistake… The customers were usually nice, but occasionally dealing with an impolite customer would ruin my day. My dad once gave me this advice “Don’t ever be afraid to do what’s best for yourself…” I remembered what he said, and I looked for something with less stress and less people interaction since I just needed as relaxing of a job as possible. I applied to Barnes and Noble, museums, library, stock shelves (grocery), animal care, lifeguard, etc. The pay was lower, but after I got home from work I was in a good mental state and still had energy to work on plans for a long term career/ education.

Relatable …::

Be proud of yourself and push through those days.

Have a happy place to go to when u get home where u dont think of work

Write down your thoughts then burn the paper away

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It’s not exercise at all

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I will try tht I love to burn things