Starting work this night

Last time I went in was a mistake, I was set to start tonight and they sent me home. I was discouraged a while but they contacted me and told me when my real start date was supposed to be.

So I’m a little nervous which is normal. I hope I can keep up this employent this time. It’s only four hours a day (Which is good, I hate it when my day is broken up with lunch breaks) for five days a week. I wanna make it to at least christmas before I think about leaving. I owe it to the employer to stay that long. I don’t want to disappoint my Mom too. And also the money will be nice.

But if there are smartmouthed jerks there, it’ll be a challenge to stay.


Yeah, i have trouble dealing with those, too. Hope your first night goes well for you. Good luck to you.


It’s smart to commit to at least Christmas. I find it takes about two months for me to get used to a change in routine.

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It was orientation, four hours. I was a bit rattled, but I guess that’s to be expected since I haven’t been getting out to work for years. I got a little paranoid at times and think I may have given off a creepy vibe to other people there.

Now tonight I’ll be working eight hours straight. Man I hate lunch breaks. Wonder how I should spend it. Maybe I’ll just go cry in my car j/k

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Do you have a prn? I would keep some in your car. I always kept Geodon, Wellbutrin and Xanax in my car when I was at work for emergencies. Had to grab them more than once.

I often forget my morning dose and that’s Geodon and Wellbutrin. I tend to figure it out about noonish because I start to feeling bad and getting symptoms. Don’t want to have to leave half way through your shift.

And if you get stressed or anxiety a Xanax or another benzo is nice to have but once my boss caught me popping one. I think he thought I was leaving for the day.

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Hey good luck! Hope it all goes well!

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I don’t use antianxiety meds. Don’t want to get addicted. My apologies seems to be working wonders. I still have paranoia but haven’t considered acting on it. I decided I’m going to do the right thing even if it means the end of me at some1 else’s hands.

I just crossed off my second day. Already I feel less fatigue

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