New health insurance issues

so as of april 1 all medicaid recipients have to sign up for one of 5 different health insurance companies… i live in midwest and the company that my case manager set me up with or enrolled me in covers everything including drs visit, pharmacy/drug rx and most other health visits such as eye dr or dentist. at the moment i cant think of anything else it covers off the top of my head but basically everything is covered for what i need…


thats right they want to charge me like 40 bucks a pop for one hour of group therapy sessions or medication management or case management as in just talking to my case manager about what my goals are and how i feel about living here…

so im not sure about if i will need to move or not as they have already said that i can stay here even if i couldnt partake in any of the services… there was one staff member that basically said they would still have me do all the chores etc and parts of the program they just wouldnt bill me for it. i dont know how i feel about that.

my roommate just got approved for disability so there a high probability that he will be moving out of here because he has been in this particular group home program for a few years at different times. but not sure about how soon or any details yet.

i am trying to see if i can move back to near by my home town and spend more time with my parents but not sure yet as i am on a waiting list for one apartments estate.

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If you need group home services the most the you need to contact your worker or Medicaid directly and find a better plan.