New Feelings of Frustration

Lately, as you probably remember from my other posts, I’ve been going through med changes. Usually I have a high threshold for anger and am a very pleasant person. Recently though people have been annoying me to no end. The pharmacy didn’t give me enough Geodon, however I did not realize this until I went to refill it. They refused to admit fault and said I must have spilled it. Then I went to Walmart looking for a movie that was just released. When I couldn’t find it I asked the clerk and he said it hasn’t been released yet. I swear I saw commercials for it. Then today I contacted Microsoft’s customer support for an issue I am having with Word. The rep tried telling me I have a virus, I can list at least ten reasons why I know this is untrue, and tried to get me to buy extra support so he could go in and fix the issue. When I refused he gave me the link to the forums where someone asked a completely different question so he obviously didn’t understand my question. I ended up getting an answer by posting on their forum. It was a simple setting that was not selected. I know a good bit about computers, it is my major, and it was frustrating that the rep was being so dumb. I shouldn’t call him dumb he’s probably trained to get people to purchase more support. Things have just been irritating me recently. Could this be the med changes? I don’t lash out at people, instead I try to use logic so they can see their answer is incorrect and maybe they can give me the right answer. How do you deal with people that frustrate you? I’m not trying to say I’m superior and know everything. I don’t know, what do you think? :sunny:

I understand how you feel about calling Microsoft. They have always been known as one of the worst support centers. My current computer has something wrong with the video card and it is under warranty. It would periodically give me the BSOD every couple of weeks. And I know it is the video card because I checked in the event viewer and confirmed it. I called to get it replaced and the guy had me boot up in safe mode once and then because of that told me it had to be a virus. Then he tried to get me to pay to be sent over to the virus removal center. The problem is you really have almost no recourse in situations like that.

I’m sorry that doesn’t really help with your question of dealing with frustration. This is a story and don’t take it as me trying to push Buddhism on anyone. I’m only a laymen and I make sure not to push my ideas on others so please just take it as a story and not a sermon. But Thich Nhat Hahn is a Vietnamese Buddhist. During the Viet Nam war he came to America to try to convince America to stop the war. While he was giving a speech a very angry man yelled at him that speaking in America was accomplishing nothing and he should just go home.

Thich Nhat Hahn said it made him feel very bad but that the best way to deal with his frustration is just to breathe deeply and try to examine his feelings of frustration to dismantle them. It is a little like stepping outside of the moment and trying to fully understand it. That is what I try to do when I run across frustration or hate.


I wouldn’t immediately blame the med change unless I was getting irritated at stuff people couldn’t help.

I think you have very valid frustration at being given the shine on so the help line could be un-helpful and try to sell more product, and uninformed clerks and insulting pharmacies.

When I’m getting irritated due to a med change or my irritation is a red flag, it’s usually when I’m irritated with my sis for calling me to dinner or someone coughing too much or being irritated that other people are just around.

That is when I get the feeling that it’s more symptomatic then perfectly justifiable. I can imagine you are just completely fed up with being given the run around just one too many times.

perfectly understandable. I’d say, vent… find a way to relax, try and get a good nights sleep or enjoy some positive time with your guy and see how you feel tomorrow.


Thank you for the reply! I’m sorry you’re having computer issues as well. It’s frustrating when you know what is going on and support tries to tell you it must be a virus. I would ask to speak to a manager the next time you call.

I’m actually a Buddhist myself, and I appreciate the story you shared. Thank you I like it! :sunny:

I admire Thich Nhat Hahn, too. Today I am reading his book “Dating With Life”. His books are free on a Chinese Buddhist resource website. His books are very beautiful in language. I obtained some new ideas from Thich about how to deal with sufferings and frustrations. With the light of deep wisdom you gain the freedom of heart. Reading his words calms me down.

It seems like a lot of people get in their little jabs at me, and I hate them for it. They’re interfering in ways in which they don’t have the right to do that. However, I’ve heard people in AA say that when you cop a resentment at a person, that person is “taking up space in your head and not paying rent”. That seems so true in my case.

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to be honest @SunGirl, these sound like the normal frustrations of daily life. i don’t think it’s ur meds at all. xxx


download utorrent then go to and you can download free movies all the time but make sure you have antivirus going your you will be in trouble

I think it’s more hormone or PMS related.

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Thanks everyone!! Yeah I guess those are normal things to be irritated with. It’s just weird that I’m irritated usually I have much more tolerance. Maybe it’s a sign of growth. For a long time I was so afraid of anger that I wouldn’t feel it at all, because years ago my mom would explode and it scared the crap out of me. It’s funny she doesn’t do that anymore. She tells me when she’s irritated with me now and doesn’t just explode.
@scary321 You can get in a lot of trouble for downloading material. I don’t mind paying for it. You really shouldn’t download anything illegally because you can get fined like crazy. If you know what you are doing there are ways to hide your identity but you still run the risk of downloading malicious software. It has too many risks. I would rather just pay for it. :sunny:

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I used to be afraid of anger due to how I was raised. My dad would flip out… So any sign of anger or aggression made me feel so small. As I gained confidence I gained the right to get angry. Anger is a normal emotion and can be beneficial in the right circumstances. Now my hubby says I like to argue… I like to debate :wink: My feelings and opinions do matter.