Getting angry at every little thing

I mean what’s going on here? Am I spoiled? Do I need to be disciplined? Is it a temper? Is it sz? I feel like an angry old man getting mad at my air hose every time I have to make adjustments for it. You’d think I’d be grateful for the mobility it gives me. It doesn’t feel like me or even like someone I know. Help!


I get pissed at the littlest things to the point I’ll shout out “COME ON!” when a webpage doesn’t load fast enough or it seems loaded till you click something then sends you to something other than what you wanted to see.

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I dont actually get angry with that stuff i think i posted angry emoji i wasnt actually really feeling that. But slowing computer stuff there isnt much excuss no matter what. As of today i’m using ccleaner custom clean, glarly utilties disk defrag pinned to taskbar and regedit modification page file clearing at restart. I literally have to close all browsers and clean them a couple times a day thats the most annoying.

Intresting wireshark is working. Like ive left it open works right here .

i can’t stop thinking negative – hence, anger on and off during my day. i am disappointed in myself, i wish i could do better.


I too have felt bouts of being unbalanced. I think it is because I offer too little excersise to my body, I get restless. I ordered a running machine to help me out. Hopefully it will come next week.

i used to get angry at a lot of things but now that i’m on my meds it seems to be better… dunno if it’s cause of the meds or that i just learned to accept things better

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