New commitment to sleeping well, eating vegan, walk n bus not car for exercise, not overspending, drinking infrequently, being abstinent from or sparing with sugars, spending sensibly etc

I been self destructing with cigarettes all since tens , so after giving up that one thing I took up self harming with all of the above
Now in therapy again


Sounds like a good plan. :sunglasses:

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Don’t forget gluten free

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Lol lol lol
I’m not sensitive to gluten or coeliac

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I’m serious
After smoking over 40 a day up to 60 for ten years I thought I’d better give up

Then to replace it I went stupid with all of the below

Sleeping 3h a night for long periods so I wouldn’t know where I was when I came round - on and off for 10 years
addictive extremes at times

In the other side I’m now a committed Vegan because its THe only environmentally sustainable ethical healthy way to be eat a small bit of some dairy once or twice a week

have just cleared years of habitual debt and secret spending on stupid designer clobber

Drinking sensibly which I’m not bad at hopefully

Sugars are my most major addiction
For many years been getting obese have cut out most days and moderate if I do have something

I’ve been a couch potato for a couple of years again - started walking and bus no longer drive

Wonder at what point I will be good enough with all this - maybe I am already


I wish you all the support in the world with your plans. I know how hard addictions can be to quit no matter what they are and eating healthy is extremely important. So stay strong and stick to it!


Really hope I dodged dying from it all in the next 15 years

There’s no better time than the present to make a change for the better :smile:


Get stabilized. Get in balance. Don’t overdo the good and then the bad and then the good again. The SZ is treacherous.


the balance is here x

can have minor imperfections

its the balance I’ve been looking for


I was like you a couple months ago. Trying to do a million lifestyle changes at once. Eventually I got overwhelmed and went back to most my vices.

I think its a good plan but try to take it 1 step at a time


Okay prepare to be bored out of your mind it is a long post
The thing is… I’m doing okay even though I break these rules sometimes

I stopped smoking 11 years ago

All these other things got in the way of being healthy 100% and things like eating and not sleeping were suicidally destructive

This above all else is what I mean to get away from

I think what I’m talking about is moderation in all things.

Moderation being understood as meaning every now and then indulge a vice… there are plenty to choose from And there is need for big swings from one to the other

I have bought one expensive jumper after four months of being frugal

I have been sleeping between six and nine hours, mostly close to 8 Hours for the past month.

Instead of waking up at 2 and staying up or Waking up at one and three for a cup of tea both times - computer - and sometimes not going back to sleep

I wrote off my mum‘s car the other day about six weeks ago

Since then I have been walking and have been given a free bus pass through my mental health team and council

I go to pay per go gym and swim with no commitments of when and how much I will do just supplementing the walking with some tummy exercises arms and cardio or swimming

For the past four weeks I have eaten something non-vegan (eating dairy or eggs) once every 3 or 4 days

Sugar really is my enemy
I have been abstinent other than perhaps three times a week something for 100 cal
Not with craving not with destruction and impulse

I have thought about baking once a week and planning that in as regular But this kind of plans don’t really work

but nothing that will matter enough to eay five puddings a day - always finishing boxes of chocolate / or pack of biscuits or something each day

The change is in stopping and turning self-destructiveness around to a focus on health
With good intentions and relaxed attitude

It has been shown that there is a higher chance of success if you start w one change at a time. Start small and work your way up. Sometimes if you try to change too many things at once it’s overwhelming and you burn out and go back to step one. It’s great you want a healthier life though.

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not spending too much - 4 months
walking and bus - 6 weeks
going vegan & sugar free - 3 weeks
sleeping more - also 3 weeks

Not quite step by step … but a bit

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