So i made a decision


I’ve decided I’m not attempting to quit smoking or exercise or eat healthy. I’m just going to enjoy hanging out with my kids and family and a few friends. I’m going to try to get out with them and do some fun stuff. I’ll be vigilant about taking my meds because I don’t want to get suicidal again. Ì just want to not worry about stuff. Just do what I want.


That’s what I’ve been doing in California, just enjoying my mom’s company. She’s been watching the show Friends start to finish on Netflix, and she’s still bedridden so we hang out together for most days and watch together, I really missed her so it’s great. Not thinking about my illness so much while I’m here.


Can’t fault your approach. You need to enjoy your life no matter what and sz can really make it cruel for you.

I wouldn’t give up getting a bit fitter and giving up the smokes. I never thought I’d do either until I got older and hit upon a solution. Haven’t had a cig in nearly 10 years now and my physical health is really good. I think that translates well to your mental health as well.

It’s your choice. Just wanted to say that what keeps you going today may change. As that old adage says. “Life is what happens when you make other plans!”.


good for you @Arlbar take a big break !! I hope you enjoy yourself.


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