Changing diet

I have been reading more about it. I have had an extremely difficult time with my diet. I try time and time again to cut out unhealthy foods or at least cut back on calories and fail. I have read that trying to quit unhealthy foods has been compared to trying to quit smoking in its difficulty and I can completely believe that. I’ve eaten all healthy foods today, had oatmeal for breakfast, and boiled eggs and shrimp for lunch and snacked on cantaloupe and guess what? I feel like crap. I feel terrible. I have a headache. I just feel gross. And I KNOW that crappy food would make me feel better.

They say try making small changes to start but that hasn’t worked for me. I’m not someone who can have just one cookie. Or if I’m like I can have one fast food meal a day-thats over 1000 calories and means I often have to skip meals to accommodate it leaving me fatigued and starving all day if I even succeed which I often dont. If I’m going to do this I have to do it cold turkey.

No unhealthy foods. No fast food. No sweets. No junk food period. They said it can be like 3 weeks for your system to finally get over the junk food cravings and withdrawal and I have a feeling this is going to be a hellish 3 weeks if I can even make it. But I need to lose weight. I am serious about being at a healthy weight again.


I did a whole food plant based diet for a couple months and lost 10lbs before I quit it
But you don’t count calories you just eat a boat load of vegetables. Whatever vegetables you like and cut out as much meat as you think you can stand. It got old after a couple months and I went back to my old unhealthy eating habits but not quite as bad as before.
I love chips. All of them and I eat the whole bag when I do. But if you think you could do it look up whole food plant based diet on YouTube and see what you tjink

Try going vegan. Not hard at all :+1:t4:

Yes, my mom read a study saying that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Should I desire, I can come pretty damn close to eliminating all of the chips, crackers, red meat, french fries, and TV dinners, but sugar? Fu ck sugar. I have a terribly difficult time cutting it out, or even not eating some every day. I still eat waaay too much of the stuff, and the sad part is that I started off consuming much fewer grams of added sugars (I don’t count sugars from fruits, vegetables, and plain milk) than most people my age. I’ll give myself credit where credit is due though; I’ve cut down a ton. I don’t eat sugary cereals for breakfast most days, I go for cashews when I want something salty, and when we do go out, I usually go for the chicken nuggets rather than the chicken sandwich (buns are super unhealthy). It just sucks that we all got addicted to this stuff.

I have to change my diet period. I’m going on clozaril he said weight gain is possible.

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