New believe in afterlife

I used to be very religious and believed I was a saint and prophet.
Then I believed that I was a witch, but a good one.
Then I stopped believing in anything spiritual at all and became an atheist.
Now I am unsure about the existence of spiritual beings, but now believe in an afterlife, but I don’t think the next one will last forever either.
I believe we should not go against. Doctors, Government, Authorities or Religion.
I believe we should be kind to other living things.
I believe that things can happen without purpose or meaning.


Actually this is not an unusual belief. It’s quite grounded in science :slight_smile:
Not saying it’s 100% true but evidence seems to point toward it.

Very sane and praiseworthy mindset !

So we shouldn’t question authority Is ehat you’re saying? That’s a fast way to being controlled and manipulated.

I think we should question everything we are told.
If you think of all the thousands of rules and laws that are made up by religion, Government and authorities , there is bound to be some that are wrong, the only time we should go against them is if they want us to cause harm to another living being.
I think it is ok to eat meat as long as the animals are treated kindly and killed with the least pain and distress.

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i believe in reincarnation so for me this is the afterlife :slight_smile:

Do you think we will be reincarnated back to live on this planet every time, or do you think it is possible we may have another existence somewhere else in the universe, or maybe a different universe.

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I’d gladly jump at the opportunity to explore another universe in the afterlife :space_invader:


It would be nice to rest in a calm environment after all this. I would especially like to forget all the trauma, or maybe get doped in a way that the trauma is no longer traumatic. Even nothingness would do the trick on that front.


well i dont want to be reincarnated i’d like to stay who i am but without the sz in a nice place and hopefully see my dad and gran again in some way hopefully our old dog will be there as well he was great.

hoping to live as long as possible though and go peacefully and naturally

I believe in God but I am agnostic when it comes to afterlife. I’m not sure what I want either. Well whatever they give me I will be accepting. Unless it’s hell I will have some resent. But I don’t think I will go to hell.

When I didn’t believe in anything it made my outlook a bit bleak, as I have physical as well as mental health disorders, and my life has been traumatic even as a child.
Now I trying to find some happy moments in each day.


i think if reincarnation actually happens then we probably get reborn close to where we lived. at least, that’s what i’ve learned from the accounts i’ve read of people who claim to have had past lives. usually it’s the same country and locality sometimes even the same family.

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