Never will be normal

Never will be able to be normal,it’s just a dream,anyone here can?

@Mobc1990 if you are not feeling well, maybe you could talk to your pdoc and get your meds in order. Maybe a new antipsychotic? an adjusted dose on your current antipsychotic? See if this makes a difference - it could be medication related - good luck to you

When people mention normal… what is normal? No one can define normal. Is it like everyone else? Is it how the society wants us to be? Is it the way the neighbors are? Our boss is?

I think once we try and quit living up to some mythical state of being… such as normal, then life is a lot easier on ourselves. I think functional, able to cope and able to make it through our day is vastly different then “normal”.

Think of all the people here on this site who are functional but not “normal” I know people who are not diagnosed with anything… yet not functional. I also know some highly functional people who are also not “normal”

Is normal the Mom the Dad the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence? That’s not really “normal” either, it’s a stereotype or a portrayal of a diminishing demographic.


I totally agree, Amen -

i really need to think lesser,thats really important for me currently

i need to be more sincere and also put in effort to use my brain,i just am not putting in enough effort to listen,i am just too nervous to function

That’s not true. I used to think that and now I have done things I never imagined. Stay strong and trust your doctors, see a psychiatrist, tell them EVERYTHING and seeing a therapist who can report to your psychiatrist (a team of doctors) is ideal, that is my situation and I am doing quite well for a schizophrenic if I might say. At least doing better than I had ever imagined.

I’ve decided to not compete in powerlifting. I think the weight cutting process is unhealthy for someone on a strict psychiatric medication regiment, the dehydration and fasting doesnt sound like it would be a good idea for me. I am going to powerlift and train to get stronger but throw weight class and all of that out of the window. I might switch to strongman, a different sport which doesnt involve cutting weight like a boxer. You see, my antipsychotic must be taken with at least 400 calories morning and night, and it says to stay hydrated in the printout stapled to the bag it comes in from the pharmacy, it also says to not get overheated (basically no outdoor cardio in the summer). I got a little too full of ■■■■ and thought I could compete in an extreme sport for normal people. I am far from normal. I need to keep a comfort zone and workout to feel good, not prove myself.

You can be normal with the right medications and therapy. I used to be very messed up, I was worse than you are right now, I can tell you that much for a fact, and now I am quite healthy as long as I keep things in perspective and dont do anything stupid. Competing in powerlifting on three sedating medications is stupid. I might switch to crossfit or strongman, but for now I will just train for power and disregard my weight class and do it for myself as a healthy but not consuming activity.

My uncle who I talk to a lot told me that I was being consumed by it. He reminded me that I am a son, an nephew, a brother, a grandchild, so many other things than a powerlifter. I like lifting heavy weights but I am not cut out to do it competitively.

Never say your dreams are “just a dream”. There is a manga I read that is on the 335th chapter called Berserk about a medieval mercenary and one of the themes is dreams- the leader of the mercenary band had a dream of becoming a king one day and considered anyone who didnt have a dream to be unequal to him. The main character, his right hand man, had a dream to answer to no one, and it caused a conflict. Then the leader of the band sacrifices the band to become a demon lord and then reincarnates himself as a king while the main character survived the sacrifice and dreams of killing the leader who is now a demon lord. The main character wields a 6 1/2 foot tall sword a foot thick and kills demons with it.

Random rant from Maurice. Main point is, dreams are not just dreams, they are achievable and desire to fulfill them can make us do things we never thought possible. My dream is to have a PhD or Psy D and do evaluations, maybe write a book on schizophrenia if I encounter enough schizophrenics.

I’d only say, think about what you want to do and what makes you happy and helps you along the way. Don’t think about what others are doing. It’s not your path.

You are doing great for what you can do. Your young, fit, you have a sport interest. You’ll get the girl eventually. Patience is the best gift you can give yourself. You’ll keep working towards what you want. It will come.

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honestly i don’t have any thoughts after reading @mortimermouse and @SurprisedJ reply but i think both of you are saying stuff that matters,that is through deep thinking…honestly i been doing better than i was 3-4 years ago,but its still a long distance to become a mature person


albert einstein was not normal.
mother teresa was not normal.
nelson mandela was not normal.
malala yousafzai is not normal.

i’d rather be not normal, normal is over rated, and a ’ mirage '.
take care


Being socially anxious,and not being able to look at people faces is just too much of abnormal,a little is fine

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maybe practice in the mirror, pretend that you are talking to someone, the local store owner for example,
role play…i did this in my head and in the mirror, it helped me…
remember muggles…normal people have social anxiety…they have a tonne of problems aswell…
my local cafe owner has been ’ not normal ’ towards me, i took it personally, after all i was being nice !?!
she explained today that her daughter is moving to england, and she was upset…
take care

SZ is the new normal.
Spend less time on what you were, and adapt to the here and now what you are able to do.
Too much time spent on the past is unhelpful, unless you can use it to learn how to adapt to your current lifestyle.

I wonder how much ruminating on the past contributes to SZ syptoms?

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