My uncle who is a doctor told my mum I would never be normal

My uncle who is a specialist doctor told my parent that I would never be normal

1 What’s normal?
2 What do Doctors know anyway? A…Only a text book.
3 Are many stories of people who recovered who where told they wouldn’t. Comes down to there is always hope!

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Yea,thanks,I really feel energetic and wanna shout and sing out loud now,haha

You will not be normal, as in you will probably have to take meds to continue to function normally. But everyone has their own issues, no oe is normal anyway.

Your uncle, is he perhaps a pdoc? If he were, he shouldn’t have a definition for normal, because he would know that many people who are “normal” may at some time develop a mental illness that was lurking away in the dark. Even himself.

Normal is so overrated, anyway. Be functional, be content, be happy, be a winner. Who cares if you are different while doing it? :sun_with_face:

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I had more troubles attempting to run back to normal before I stopped and decided to try using my illusion.
Then I began realizing that is exactly what all of the fortune tellers, spiritualists, science fiction writers and even student brain scientists went and did.

If your issues only involve voices and conspiracy theory - well then congrats! You’re on your way to becoming a scientist.

The irony of cognitive therapy is when you finally realize your ‘disorder’ to be a gift.

Mobc1990, what your uncle means is that you will be on medication for ever. Few of us can have the good luck of getting rid of meds. Under the proper medication, you can function well. That is normal.

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My grand father had poliosis as a child. The doctors said he’d never walk. But his mom never gave up on him and they practiced every single day. And you know what? He could walk. And run. And he was a goalie in the local hockey team for many years.

Doctors don’t know everything!


Normal is just a setting on the washing machine. Other people are twisted too. Don’t judge your insides by other people’s outsides. I don’t know what your uncle meant, but if you take your med’s you should be alright.

What area of medicine is this guy a specialist in anyway? I mean being an MD doesn’t necessarily make one an expert on mental illness.

Having to take a medication for something in this day and age nearly is the norm, especially depending on the age of those around you.

I think this was a ridiculous thing to say.

Yes,I was rude to him before when I am like psychotic,but these words really is upsetting

Hmm yeah some people will react vindictively when someone’s been rude to them. I know from experience that even professionals of any sort are not immune to doing this…suppose it’s just people being human.

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I know how upsetting it can be… and it’s hard coming from a professional… and a family member, but try not to let those words hold you back.

Prove them wrong. You can have great physical health and a girlfriend, and a job…

Besides… what is normal?

I’ve had doctors give me the worst prognosis and I’ve over heard docs tell my parents the worst case scenario. Doc’s have told my Mom that there is no way I’d ever function in society… back then on the path I was on… he was most likely right…

But I got off that path and onto another…

Docs can be pretty smart… but they can’t predict the future.


Pure Gold …


Hey Mobc, being “normal” is not a black and white thing. You may be very normal in some aspects of life and maybe not so good in others. But you can work on the things that are holding you back. You are working, you have a girlfriend, you are aware that you need help becoming more social. All that is very normal.


What is normal anyways - My brother who is neurotypical, is far from normal - I have not met one person who fits the description of ‘normal’ - I mean television used to dictate to its viewers what ‘normal’ was supposed to look like.
television shows used to portray its characters as very middle class, white, married, a couple of children, etc…
Things are changing, there really is no normal. You really should come to the realization that you are managing your illness the best that you can - there is always room for improvement, dont be so hard on yourself


Don’t be disappointed. The simplest definition of being ‘Normal’ is ‘do what is acceptable in your community\society’. That is what I have observed. But again, one thing which is normal in one community may be bizarre to others. Same is true at human level too. It depends on what is acceptable.

At society level it is wide but at human level it gets narrow. Anyway, don’t let yourself down. If you are suffering from illness you will be cured just like other patients. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We all know that we get sick many times in our whole life. And when we are sick, we want to be treated well and we hope of being cured some day.

Keep your morale high in your tough times and forgive people at very stage in your life.

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Yes it is very true because they are human too. Their emotions are just like all of us. It’s like some people know well how to control their emotions while some prefer to let it go instantly.

normal goes like this
school, college, uni, work, kids marriage mortage, maybe a few holidays thrown in retirement gardening death.
excuse me if I break the mould here but that sounds incredibly boring.

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This is how a ton of the successful people & especially any health care will treat you someone. These folks made a bundle because they are POS to specific people & the wealthy ones like to have a new person to call ‘boy’. You will be called a lot of nasty stuff & you just have to ignore it.

I have mental care doctor in family. Lady had NO problems with me but when I needed help for nervous breakdown, woman pushed me over edge intentionally and withheld ANYTHING that would keep me okay. This even got me fired from my job & these people run company & would NEVER give me chance to even take out their trash. Even their trash goes to the thrift store & I cannot even pick through…Now, I get bothered about everything while I am acting normal at family functions. I now refuse to attend as I just don’t want to hear it. I don’t control it.

A lot of successful people are cold taciturn…this is caused by part-time psychosis and these folks follow orders from the voices - google gang stalking/cause stalking/thought broadcasting. You are better off if you are aware some people do this but I would NEVER participate as the ruined people like you and me get forced into doing worse than stalking and verbally harassing a stranger about something private…poor get forced into vandalizing, trespassing, ruining coworkers, ruining work for customers and picking up specific people to date & harm by cheating, battery or financial ruin. If you know some people do this, especially some folks in pentacostal or non-denominational churches which have whole congregation that mistreats people, keep quiet or get it, you will know about POS people…These got wealthy because they took advantage of someone in distress many times… Mental care policy is to call this delusional and refuse to discuss it or help victims causing the confused to go insane. I use grace and ignore these folks except at work, then ask what is bother them…this has not worked well at work as some of the male employees have gone in for a kill and got me to quit by threats/sexual harassment, again this is why these folks are successful & unchallenged. Many folks policy is to suck up to POS. I will state, you can NEVER show any anger or much frustration with your mental care staff or you will be forcibly mental hospitaled at your own expense for months sometimes which will result in loss of employment and even homelessness. If frustrated with your mental care, change doctors…

If you can pin-point a person or group who seem to cause your symptoms to flare up, if you cut contact, avoid them and not discuss them much symptoms have been known to improve. I met someone bragging about hurting her friends, scared us badly about her family sex abuser then let him stalk us (getting some of the women hurt bad and bothered for decades). Avoid these kind and things are better…Suckups to these kind get hurt. If you just quit talking to the bunch without making a big deal about it, you will be better off…If you want to file a complaint with Child Protective Services, that is your business but beware that some states like Arkansas are still hiding a lot of child sex abuse rings and this is almost ignored. Keep your own family safe & leave if the bunch tries to stalk you…

doctors and nurses are so full of C**p sometimes why do they think they know it all?