Never Drinking Again

I went out drinking in the pub on Saturday, ended up drinking all day and night. Became black out drunk, in the evening and slept it off all day Sunday.

Didn’t get up until 4pm.

I won’t drink again as I’m scared by the fact that anything could have happened.

I could even have relapsed into another psychotic episode.

Thankfully I’m okay.

I don’t know if I should see this as a good sign when it comes to tapering off of medication?


No, getting drunk to a state where you can’t remember things, or might do things you may regret, is no good.
Alcohol and all recreational drugs have their limitations, at best the can seem to make someone happier for a little while. Often the negative effects of drinking alcohol outweigh any positive effects.
I love drinking alcohol, but my wife doesn’t let me have much, because when I get happy on it, I want to drink more. I probably would become an alcoholic if I lived on my own.


It’s good you recognize the problem. It does sound like you have no control when it comes to alcohol. So it’s good you’re not going to drink anymore. It’s certainly not worth ruining your life over.


I’m thinking you’ve made a wise choice. A few years back I gave up alcohol too. I had started drinking it up pretty good on the weekends to go out dancing and get my nerve up to get out on the dance floor. But pretty soon I was also drinking other times, even at home. I noticed every time I drank I had to get smashed and very often I would drink to the point of throwing up. I didn’t know how to pace myself and I pretty much only liked vodka. All of these things made me feel like I was headed down a bad road so I decided to give it up while I still could do so easily. Every once in awhile I miss the fun I had and the feeling of being on alcohol but I remember it doesn’t mix well with my personality or my meds and I decide not to drink. I can easily see never drinking again.


Me too lol I drank Saturday 3 coronas n didn’t get to enjoy them extremely tormented, then drank two bottles of red wine. Walk to buy two burritos, made a thread to change my name to something absurd n woke up threw up n the shower n toilet with a headache anyways
I just started new medication too latudy


Are you depressed so you’re self medicating?

No don’t think I’m depressed, never could drink responsibly. Definitely not drinking again. Can’t take the risk.

Honestly surprised, I didn’t relapse.


i feel the same, i am never drinking again,


I am glad you’re ok. Not seen you post for a while and was concerned


Thank you Joker. I’m okay, just been concentrating on getting bye.

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