Didn't drink this weekend

was busy. didn’t even think about it. way to go me.

it’s more of a psychological issue than anything. I get bored on weekends and will at times have a drink or two but didn’t Friday or Saturday this week.

boredom is my new normal I guess and im getting used to it, so no urge to drink like before.

I do feel much better physically when I don’t drink and my memory is almost normal now. still have some memory deficits at times, but I’ve seen a steady improvement these last two years in that department. im hopeful i’ll be able to get back to when I was young and I had a great memory.


I’m glad you feel better. Alcohol is never the answer. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


The weakest and sickest I have ever been were the times when I was drinking heavily and on sz med’s. It’s not good to mix alcohol with our med’s. I’ve probably done damage to my body that can’t be undone. It’s been over a couple of years since I last drank alcohol, though. Not drinking this weekend is a significant victory. Keep it up.


Good for you same here

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Good job not having a drink! I’m glad to hear your memory has improved. Hopefully it continues to get better.

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Well done. If it becomes something your thinking about all the time I think it’s a problem. I’m glad your keeping busy. Always good to have something else, more positive to do.


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