Neutransmitters and acetychoiline

I received a drug called mestinon for the MG, which changes the acetycholinase reaction going on, meaning it will leave the acetycholine in my syncaptic clefts so my neurotransmitters will flow more smoothly.

if you remember, we talked about neurotransmitters such as dopamine and glutamate, which in Sz we seem to have too much of, but these psychiatrists pass out these antipsychotics in hopes one of them may help, even tho it appears they have no idea which one will actually help you… i think that is the most bogus job and situation on the planet, and no I’m not swalling someting unless you can tell me why and how it will help me

so, I’ve been watching these videos on interactive biology, and i’m a heck of alot smarter about how all this works! id’ suggest if you have time, a few beers, or whatever, it’s helpful to spend some time watching these videos on how neurons and neurotransmitters in your brain operate.

when i got to video 17, there’s alot about acetycholine, acetycholine is necessary for neurotramsitters in your brain and muscles to work, which is responsible for memory and sensations, perhaps this is where auditory and other sensory hallucinations come from? go figure… makes sense to me


Great snakes, interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing, I’m so intrigued I’m going to watch some more of these videos on his youtube channel! Awesome, I might even get out my biology textbook! Cool! :smiley:

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this is amazing, I feel so much better, and my eyesight has tremendously improved after just 1 day!