Acetycholine and Sz theory -

after I’ve read through so many posts, and we’ve debated the dopamine, glutamate (paranoia) I am more than ever convinced there’s an acetycholine issue, as I had posted before, the new research into the acetycholine and a autoimmune disorder. I don’t know that’s the acetycholine issue is always autoimmune related, but I bet that’s it, acetycholine problem.

In this Nature link, this researcher describes the genectics behind the acetycholine receptor problem in the central nervous system

acetycholine, my understanding, is used to transmit messages along your nervous system. if acetycholine was out of balance, I could see that it would impact the dopamine (too much) and the glutamate (not enough)

like if my acetycholine was messed up, and I’m getting George Bush out of my brain instead of vagina bush, or arbor vitae. I can see that, perhaps the brain cell, like the disk storage with the value “arbor vitae” is blocked because the acetycholine is blocked and transmissions are not getting through.

as for our previous discussions regarding sex, as everyone was having them, that’s where I was saying you are giving yourself some dopamine - (referring to the neurotransmitter diagram.) As long as you are having consensual sex with a partner, then it’s socially acceptable to get your dopamine using sexual methods, for example. If you are self medicating with the dopamine by ‘acting out’ I believe you should see a specialist in that behavior problem, but let’s not go back there again…

a more socially acceptable dopamine example would be illegal drugs, there are street drugs that inrease the dopamine in your brain, like cocaine, and that causes the addiction.

here’s the neurotransmitter illustration again, for example, if the acetycholine bubble shrinks, the dopamine bubble grows, I believe in paranoia, there’s a glutamate deficit according to this illustration, so glutamate bubble shrinks. just an example to illustrate what I’m trying to say regarding Sz and neurotransmitter imbalance.

seratonin, I’ll read some more about that one, I believe that’s what ssri’s are for seratonin reuptake-inhibitors, depression.

I think we’re all great people, but we have an acetycholine issue, which imbalances the dopamine and glutamate, and people shouldn’t treat us like garbage for that, they’ll get alzheimers someday, have a similar problem, the ■■■■■■■■!