Neurocognitive effects of an omega-3 fatty acid and vitamins E+C in schizophrenia: A randomised controlled trial


Just wanted to point out that this study used 2 grams of EPA and no DHA.

The studies that have had positive effects with fish oils have used lower doses and used EPA and DHA together in a ratio of around 60:40.

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What’s the conclusion if this article? Is it good to combine n-3 PUFA + vitE and C (2g/day and/or vitamins E 364mg/day + C 1000mg/day)?

Seems like a waste of time from that article. :confused:

That’s what I thought.

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In terms of EPA-only supplements, sure.

It appears that DHA is a necessary component.

As far as vitamin E, 10x the DV is probably not helpful.

Vitamin C is quickly excreted and probably not significant.

Try not to be deficient in anything.

From my general reading on the web: in children, and pregnant women, DHA is the most important for brain development and for crossing the placenta. For some limited diseases, perhaps heart disease, EPA is important. For sz, and probably Alzheimer’s, it appears both (EPA and DHA) are needed.

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