New Study on Preventing Schizophrenia: Dietary supplementation with Omega-3 fatty acids from weaning limits brain biochemistry and behavioural changes elicited by prenatal exposure to maternal inflammation

Flu during pregnancy is known to be a (perhaps very significant) contributing factor in the development of schizophrenia for the offspring. The flu triggers an immune response with increased Cytokines that also harm the developing brain of the fetus, and predispose the child to increased risk of developing schizophrenia later in life.

This new study done in mice suggests that Omega 3 fatty acids may mitigate that risk of schizophrenia. It seems to confirm the earlier studies done on how omega 3 (specifically Omega 3 fatty acids high in EPA ) that was reported a while back:

and our news story here:

Please note, if you do give your children omega 3 fish oils, be sure to give them the HIGH EPA version - as specified below:

The Orygen research group is so positive about this area of research that they’ve even submitted a patent on it – see this link: Orygen / McGorry Patent on Fish Oil for Prevention of Schizophrenia

Importantly – its not just any form of Omega-3 fish oils that help. Here is information from the patent application:

Preferably the composition includes about 700 mg of EPA and at least about 480 mg of DHA.

the … dose of EPA administered to the subject per day is about 700 mg and the final dose of DHA administered to the subject per day is 480 mg. The composition may be administered in multiple dosages over the period of the day. For example, 4 capsules may be administered over the course of the day (two in the morning and two in the evening). However, other administration (such as once daily, or twice daily) are not excluded.

Whilst it is possible that EPA and DHA be administered alone, it is preferable that they are administered together in a single composition. When in a single composition, EPA and DHA are present in a ratio of between about 3:1 and 7:5, preferably between about 3:2 and 7:5. Accordingly, preferably the composition includes EPA and DHA (when combined) in a concentration of more than about 50%, preferably more than about 55%, more preferably about 60%.

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