my neighbours kind of ganged up on me about my plans for guests staying for a few weeks, they said that they didnt want strangers coming in and out of the close, its not fair bc i am not doing anything wrong and i have cleared it with the housing officer and he said it was ok as long as i’m not subletting so now i am really worried about what my neighbours think, i dont want to get into trouble with my neihbours so i am worrying about it,

on the other hand my friend and i are going to try to do some dog walking and maybe boarding, we will see how it turns out, i am a bit worried of the smell if i am looking after some small animals,

but yeah my neighbours are really upsetting me :frowning:

If the housing officer said it’s okay, than it’s okay. Sucks though, bad neighbours sucks.


You are subletting aren’t you? Plus I doubt the benefits office would be happy with you making money on the side?

You don’t need the approval of the outside environment. You need your own inner approval of your own inner environment.

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i am not subletting, i am letting guests stay but subletting starts at a 6 month period here and i would never let anyone stay for that long, the longest i have let someone stay for was a week.

but thanks @martinhersey1 do you mean follow your heart? because thats what i normally do, i’ll think on it and hope for a resolution

its just not a very good situation i dont want my neighbour to be scared of my guests but i dont think its any of her business what i do with my own home even if it is just a council house. i still have rights of my own but i just dont want to upset anyone.

invite the neighbs over to meet them or something… I’m sure they are decent people all around… break the ice… see they just normal trustworthy folk…

that doesnt seem like a good idea in the circumstances as the person wasnt very friendly when she came to the door she said i could get thrown out and that she didnt thin i should have got given the flat. she keeps things all nicey nice but thats not the truth really

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been there. At my last place, before they moved, the neighbors said I couldn’t have dogs because of some home owners assoc thing. well the home owners assoc they were talking about was for THEIR streets, I was on a different one. they acted nice about said it as against the rules, but oh? they didn’t want me to lose my dogs so I should find some other place to live. They moved after literally EVERYONE in the nghborhood told them to shove off (not always in those words)

I’m sorry that your neighbors are upsetting you. I really don’t have a good answer for you.
My mind is reminding me that Will Rogers said that good fences make good neighbors.

i think i need to mend a few fences but i dont want to stop what i am doing just to keep them happy i like what i am doing and i have been told by the main man that i am not doing anything wrong, its just a shame that they dont approve and i am worried that i fight might break out like a shouting fight bc i cant handle that mentally.

@kindness Robert Frost’s in his poem Mending Wall used the line Good fences make good neighbors.

But it looks like It has been used by a number of people over the years, and nobody knows when it was first used

I feel for ya dude. I’ve had bad neighbours in the past, and there’s nothing worse. I ended up moving.